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  • Combo DVD Set: Breaking the Silence and The Amish and the Reformation


    For a limited time, you can purchase Breaking the Silence and The Amish the the Reformation as a combo for a discounted price.  Learn More
  • Jumping the Amish Fence


    Jumping the Amish Fence is a book, which compiles the testimonies of thirty-one unique individuals and couples. Each testimony details the hardships that individuals faced when they left the Amish culture behind to begin a new life in the "English" culture. In addition, with each story, you'll hear the unique way that God used trials and circumstances to bring each person to a saving knowledge of Himself.  Learn More
  • My People, the Amish: The True Story of an Amish Father and Son (By: Joe Keim)


    In My People, the Amish, Joe Keim paints a detailed picture of life behind the bonnets and buggies. More than a biography, this is an honest look at the heart-warming traditions that mingle with the deep-rooted legalism of the Amish community in Ashland, Ohio. Learn More
  • What Do the Amish Believe?


    Perhaps a better title for this book would be “Do the Amish Still believe What Their Anabaptist Forefathers Taught?" This book explores the different beliefs that the Amish faith has and links them back to their Anabaptist Forefathers.  While they are certain concerning church doctrine, few Amish and conservative Mennonite individuals know what they believe about important biblical topics. Learn More
  • Amish: Our Friends, But Are They Believers? (Booklet)


    This product includes the purchase of our 135-page book, "Amish: Our Friends, But Are They Believers?" Learn More
  • A Taste of Amish Cooking and More


    A Taste of Amish Cooking and More are treasured recipes by the Keim family. This assortment of recipes was assembled by Esther Keim. There are over 450 recipes covering Appetizers, Salads, Main Dishes, Casseroles, Breads, Pies, Cookies, Cakes, Candies, Desserts, and even Remedies and some Fun Kids Crafts. At only $18.00 each, they make great gifts. Learn More