Mission to Amish People was founded in 2001 with the purpose of evangelizing and discipling Amish and Former Amish as well as assisting those that leave the Amish by providing education, housing, and basic life skill training. read more...

Mission to Amish People

"Round up and invite your Former Amish Family and Friends. Come and enjoy a day with others who will be happy to see you!!!"

Our Former Amish Reunion (FAR) will be taking place on Saturday, July 13th, 2024 in Orville, Ohio! 


Study to show thyself approved unto God..."  2 Timothy 2:15

In our "Growing in Christ Academy" students will gain a foundational biblical understanding of the Christian faith, how to live it out and teach others to do the same, following Jesus’ instructions. Ephesians 4: 11-16

Our online courses provide flexible learning opportunities to deepen your understanding of God and the Bible. You can learn more about who God is and how to apply biblical principles to your daily life, with the added benefit of weekly group discussion meetings.

 Breaking the Silence gives a rare inside view of an Amish church service and the inner workings of the Amish culture. From the outside the Amish all look the same, and yet, each Amish person has their own story.

Click image to view all six episodes. 

Breaking the Silence


Imagine leaving your home with no job, no money, no resume, and poor language skills. Imagine being alone with no credit card or even a driver's license. It happens daily in the formerly Amish Community as young people dream of freedom and a new way of life.

Now, imagine being a young girl on her own in this situation in today’s fallen world.  It happens every day in the formerly Amish Community.  Child trafficking.  Homelessness. Unemployment. And no one to turn to.

Mission to Amish People (MAP Ministry) is here to help these young people get back on their feet after leaving the Amish Community. MAP Ministry is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing food, apartments, support, and job opportunities to former Amish in Ohio and across the country.

Through your generous support, we can help these young people overcome the dangers and thrive in our new world of opportunity.

Will you help support our cause? 

Visit Beyond Measure Market at 569 Us-250 in Greenwich Ohio, just north of Ashland.

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