Amish: Our Friends, But Are They Believers? (Booklet)



This product includes the purchase of a 135-page book, Amish: Our Friends, But Are They Believers?.  You will learn about the Anabaptist Movement, Culture and Values, Beliefs and Practices, Legalism and Leaving, How to Evangelize, Former Amish Testimonies, Mission to Amish People in Action, and so much more.

Contents of the booklet include the following:

Introduction: Missionaries to the Amish:

    • Joe and Esther Keim
    • Jonas and Mary Yoder
    • Samuel and Polly Girod

Anabaptist Movement

  • The Printing Press
  • Martin Luther
  • Three Beliefs of the Reformers
  • Anabaptism is Born
  • Four Anabaptist Acts of Disobedience to the State Church, and their Effects on the Church
  • Anabaptism Begins to Spread
  • Persecution of Anabaptists
  • Menno Simmons Reunites the Northern Anabaptists
  • Anabaptism: Coming to an Agreement
  • Dordrecht Confession
  • Anabaptist Persecution
  • Amish Beginnings
  • Coming to America
  • Amish of Today
  • Population
  • Locality

Amish Culture and Values

    • Early Childhood
    • Amish Schooling
    • Amish Teenagers
    • Dating and Marriage
    • Funeral Services and Burials
    • Mentorship
    • Amish Involvement in the World
    • Men's Hobbies
    • Women's Hobbies
    • Some Myths about the Amish

Amish Beliefs (Part 1)

    • The Gospel According to the Amish has Six Major Elements

Amish Beliefs (Part 2)

    • The Ordinance Letter Governs Every Life Detail

Legalism and Leaving

    • Scripture Used to Defend Beliefs
    • Intolerable Activities, Practices and Beliefs Among Most Sects
    • Results of a Legalistic Environment
    • Leaving the Church
    • You Can Help your Amish Friend Reconsider Beliefs
    • Sample Ordinance Letter

Evangelism (Part 1)

    • Why Evangelism is Necessary
    • Three Ways to Connect with your Amish Community
    • Evangelism Approach
    • Self-Righteousness vs. God's Righteousness

Evangelism (Part 2)

    • Cultural Do's and Dont's
    • Possible Stumbling Blocks to them Accepting the Gospel
    • Jump Start your Evangelistic Exchange

Standing in the Gap - Former Amish

    • Physical/Social Needs

Bonus Section 1: Mission to Amish People

    • About Mission to Amish People
    • Burden
    • Three Fold Purpose
    • Current Status
    • Ministry in Action

Bonus Section 2: Testimonies

    • John and Kathy Burkholder Family
    • Samuel Girod
    • Mario Miller
    • Uriah Shetler

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