What Do the Amish Believe?




We try to keep the cost of these books low in an effort to make them an easily accessible resource; they make a wonderful evangelical tool and can be handed out to Amish men and women to help bring them to Christ. 

Perhaps a better title for this book would be “Do the Amish Still believe What Their Anabaptist Forefathers Taught?" This book explores the different beliefs that the Amish faith has and links them back to their Anabaptist Forefathers. 

While they are certain concerning church doctrine, few Amish and conservative Mennonite individuals know what they believe about important biblical topics. While that made compiling this book a bit challenging, we drew heavily from The Dordrecht Confession of Faith and also communicated with Anabaptist of today to make sure we are accurately portraying what the majority of plain people believe.

Each chapter focuses on one important biblical topic, and is essentially an Amish and Mennonite systematic theology study. In addition, each section includes a closer look at what the Bible teaches concerning each topic, making this an informative resource for those who wish to know more about the plain people, and a helpful book for Anabaptists who wish to better understand what they themselves are being taught and believe.

This study defines:

• Who is God the Father?
• Who is Jesus Christ?
• Who is the Holy Spirit?
• What is the Bible?
• What and Who is the Church?
• What are Angels, Demons, and Satan?
• What is Humanity and Who are Men and Women?
• What Happens at the End?

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