My Amish Vows to the Church: Are They Binding? (By: Eli Stutzman and Joe Keim)



In My Amish Vows to the Church: Are They Binding?, Eli Stutzman and Joe Keim examine the vows that are made by all Amish youth when they join the Amish church and whether keeping these vows is required for salvation. They examine scriptures that clearly teach that salvation is a gift of God's grace and cannot be obtained by doing good deeds or by making and keeping vows. They also discuss some of the problems facing Amish people who choose to leave the Amish culture and the pressure that is put on them to keep the vows that they have made. They then compare the Law of Moses and the Amish Ordnung and reveal the true purpose of the Law according to Scripture. They end by pointing us to the freedom from man-made rules that we have in Christ. (17 pages)

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