I Just Left the Amish: Now What?


I have put this booklet together hoping that it will help you adjust to the English / American way of life. May you take it to heart and not get hurt or upset by it. I’m only trying to help you. I had a few bad experiences with people that just left the Amish. I wanted to help them, but didn’t I appreciate it when I felt used. I hope these suggestions can be useful to you as you learn a new way of living. I wish you God’s richest blessings as you begin your new journey in life. This could be an exciting and rewarding experience!

Contents of I Just Left the Amish: Now What?

  1. How to Get a Copy of Your Birth Certificate
  2. How to Get a Social Security Number
  3. How to Get a Driver’s License
  4. Maneuverability Test Diagram
  5. How to Get a Job
  6. How to Set up a Bank Account
  7. How to Set a Budget
  8. How to Do Your Taxes
  9. Education
  10. Manners
  11. Dating
  12. Personal Hygiene
  13. Living with Others
  14. When to Use Your Cell Phone
  15. Emergency Help

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