Amish: Our Friends, But Are They Believers? (7-Pack Audio CDs)



This product includes the purchase of a set of seven audio CDs covering the contents of "Amish: Our Friends, But Are They Believers?"

Contents of the CDs include the following:

Introduction: Missionaries to the Amish:

    • Joe and Esther Keim
    • Jonas and Mary Yoder
    • Samuel and Polly Girod

Anabaptist Movement

    • The Printing Press
    • Martin Luther
    • Three Beliefs of the Reformers
    • Anabaptism is Born
    • Four Anabaptist Acts of Disobedience to the State Church, and their Effects on the Church
    • Anabaptism Begins to Spread
    • Persecution of Anabaptists
    • Menno Simmons Reunites the Northern Anabaptists
    • Anabaptism: Coming to an Agreement
    • Dordrecht Confession
    • Anabaptist Persecution
    • Amish Beginnings
    • Coming to America
    • Amish of Today
    • Population
    • Locality

Amish Culture and Values

    • Early Childhood
    • Amish Schooling
    • Amish Teenagers
    • Dating and Marriage
    • Funeral Services and Burials
    • Mentorship
    • Amish Involvement in the World
    • Men's Hobbies
    • Women's Hobbies
    • Some Myths about the Amish

Amish Beliefs (Part 1)

    • The Gospel According to the Amish has Six Major Elements

Amish Beliefs (Part 2)

    • The Ordinance Letter Governs Every Life Detail

Legalism and Leaving

    • Scripture Used to Defend Beliefs
    • Intolerable Activities, Practices and Beliefs Among Most Sects
    • Results of a Legalistic Environment
    • Leaving the Church
    • You Can Help your Amish Friend Reconsider Beliefs
    • Sample Ordinance Letter

Evangelism (Part 1)

    • Why Evangelism is Necessary
    • Three Ways to Connect with your Amish Community
    • Evangelism Approach
    • Self-Righteousness vs. God's Righteousness

Evangelism (Part 2)

    • Cultural Do's and Dont's
    • Possible Stumbling Blocks to them Accepting the Gospel
    • Jump Start your Evangelistic Exchange

Standing in the Gap - Former Amish

    • Physical/Social Needs

Bonus Section 1: Mission to Amish People

    • About Mission to Amish People
    • Burden
    • Three Fold Purpose
    • Current Status
    • Ministry in Action

Bonus Section 2: Testimonies

    • John and Kathy Burkholder Family
    • Samuel Girod
    • Mario Miller
    • Uriah Shetler

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