Amish Awareness Audio Sessions


Choice of Media


Three Days.

Twelve speakers.

Twenty Two Powerful Sessions.

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The above audio files were recorded during our second annual Amish Awareness Conference in Savannah OH.  Over the course of three days, we recorded twenty-two (audio) sessions led by over a dozen speakers. 

    • We learned about Amish history, culture, beliefs, legalism and how to connect with our Amish neighbors and share the gospel. 
    • Several former Amish shared their testimonies, some preached, and others challenged us to find someone in our life to mentor and disciple. 
    • Special sessions included hearing and learning about our Godly American Heritage, rejection, bitterness and how to forgive those who hurt us.  
    • On day 2, the English asked the Amish questions. 
    • On day 3, we switched the tables and the Amish asked the English questions. 

It was fun.  We laughed at each other, learned from each other, and we figured out why we do some of the things we do. 

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