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The Amish Voice 8

not wish to be delivered from the

persecution, but rather ask us to pray that

they would be able to overcome the trials

that they are facing in a way that is

honoring to God.

5. Extreme hurt requires extreme


Then said Jesus, Father, forgive

them; for they know not what

they do. And they parted

his raiment, and cast lots

(Luke 23:34).

A Christian widow from Iran said:

“I only had hatred in my heart for my

enemies who had murdered my husband.

But one day a miracle happened. God

taught me how I could love my

enemies… I had been praying for this,

even though on the deepest level I didn't

want it to happen. Gradually, through a

process of ups and downs, God answered

this prayer." The only way we can get

through extreme hurt is by forgiving

people as Christ did.

6. Prayer is the ultimate fellowship.

Remember them that are in bonds, as

bound with them; and them which suffer

adversity, as being yourselves also in the


(Hebrews 13:3).

Many persecuted Christians often feel

isolated and alone, since they are unable

to fellowship with other believers.

However, prayers from Christians half a

world away have brought the same

amount of encouragement that fellowship

would have for these persecuted

Christians. Prayer is vital—not only as a

direct line to God, but as a way to

encourage our persecuted brothers and

sisters around the world.

1 Corinthians 12:26 tells us that we are

one body—when one member suffers, we

all suffer. When one member is lifted up,

we all rejoice. Persecuted Christians and

Christians in the free world are not two

separate entities, but rather are one body.

The persecuted church needs the

free church to support them,

and most importantly, to

lift them up in prayer. The

church in the free world





persecuted who have stood strong in the

face of persecution. Christ is the head of

the body and uses the church (both free

and persecuted) in unique and powerful


The article was adapted and used with permission

from Open Doors, a ministry that helps persecuted

Christians around the world.

Persecution, continued

The Plumb Line of Judgment

—Rich Carmichael










wrote: “The

America I

grew up in

is gone. It is

dead. And

there is no

hope of its resurrection.” Do you agree with

that statement? Is there any hope for the


I understand the pessimism (or realism)

concerning the U.S. Without any doubt, this

nation is in open rebellion against the Lord

and His ways. Not only is our society

marked by the love of money, the love of

self, the love of pleasure, and other sins such

as immorality, impurity, anger, pride, and

disobedience, but we are guilty of the

innocent blood of over 57 million unborn

babies through legalized abortion and also

guilty of violating the sacred institution of

marriage by legalizing same-sex marriage.

While all sin is terrible and of great

consequence, these latter two sins are

especially disconcerting as both are in direct

violation of the very essence of God’s

character and of His creative order. In regard

to abortion, children are His gift (Psa. 127:3),

woven together in the mother’s womb by His

hand (Psa. 139:13-16). He is a God of life,

and His call to mankind is to be fruitful and

multiply (Gen. 1:28). As a God of justice

who cares deeply for the vulnerable and

innocent, the shedding of the blood of the

unborn is a sin most grievous to Him.

In regard to the sin of homosexuality and

same-sex marriage, at the very heart of God’s

creative order is the truth that

“God created

man in his own image, in the image of God

created he him; male and female created he


(Gen. 1:27).

He then clearly established marriage as

between one man and one woman (Gen.

2:18-25). These are vital truths echoed by

Jesus Himself (Mark 10:6-9). Because these

truths are so foundational to God’s design

and purposes, whenever mankind deviates

from them, the consequences are

profound. In fact, according to the teaching

of the Apostle Paul, the prevalence of

homosexuality is an ominous marker that a

culture is openly rejecting the Lord and is

under His wrath (Rom. 1:18-32).

God’s Judgment

The U.S. and every nation that defies the

Lord should be humbled by the truth that the

Lord makes nations great and He destroys

them (Job 12:23). He does not allow a nation

to go on indefinitely in sin. Even His own

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