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The Amish Voice 4

say this because they have heard others

say it; and I have met people who could

not tell what they believed, except that it

was what their ministers believed. They

have no time to read the Word of God,

though they have time to read all the

novels of the day. Let me say to you

people who believe in the Sermon on the

Mount and nothing else, that we are told

of a broad and a narrow way; the broad

that leads to death, and the narrow to life

eternal. Which way is yours, my friend?

Are you in the narrow way that leads into

life eternal, or in the broad way that leads

to death?

There are a great many that do not want

to give up the broad way, because they

like their own way; they do not like to

give up the amusements of the world.

There are plenty of churches in the broad

way, for you can get almost any kind of

preaching now-a-days. They want men

that will tell them everything is going on

smoothly, that everybody will be saved,

and the Lord is going to take them all into

heaven. They can find that kind of

preaching. A good many say: "I don't like

that narrow, bigoted man that preaches

the narrow way; I believe we will all be

swept into heaven, whether we want to be

or not.” But some shake their heads and

say they think they will be put into

purgatory, and be punished perhaps a

million of years. I would rather bow to

Scripture. I can find no chance of

repentance in the grave. But even if it

were so, why not repent here?

Is sin so sweet that you cannot give it up?

The broad way is filled with unhappiness.

God does not want us to do that which

will bring ruin upon ourselves and upon

others. If we live as God would have us,

we mount higher and higher every year.

That is taught in the Word of God. How

is it with those who serve Satan?

There is no praying down the broad way,

though they may say prayers. They do

not believe in conversion. Look down the

two ways and decide to-day which way

you will take.

With the new birth, we also get a new


There is, perhaps as much

trouble caused in the world by slandering

as by drinking. That question was

brought up at the dinner table to-day and

we came to the conclusion that there were

about as many dark and miserable homes

resulting from slander as from drink. If a

person is born of God, he has a new

tongue, and he will not go out and slander


If you love a person, you cannot slander

him. Many a man has gone to his grave

with a broken heart, because he has been

slandered and lied about, perhaps by

those who professed to be friends. When

we are born of God, we get a new tongue,

and there will be no slandering with it.

The tongue that is blaspheming to-day

may be praising God tomorrow. We get a

new tongue when we get a new heart; and

then we get a new song.

No one can sing the song of the

redemption till he has been born again. I

do not know but a man can sing a lie as

well as speak it. Now, though I have

heard "Rock of Ages," perhaps once a

day for twenty years, I could not start it;

but I can sing in my heart just as well as

Mr. Sankey, or anybody else. I cannot get

it through these thick lips, but it is in my

heart; and, by and by, I want to sing

around the throne the song of Moses and

the Lamb. I want to sing of him who

redeemed me with his precious blood.

Every true church is a singing church.

Such a church won't hire three or four

women to do their singing; they burst

right out singing. And by and by you will

see them on resurrection morning,

coming from their graves singing. This is

the only thing we have heard of that they

do in heaven.

The next thing we get is new food.

If a

man is converted, he is not going to live

on the New York Ledger, and dime

novels. I believe that one of the things

that are poisoning the people is this

miserable stuff. If we are born of God,

we want better than that. When we have

read the Bible through three or four

times—and when we have done that, we

will find it has spoiled nearly every other

book for us.

Another thing that a man gets is new


I thank God every day for the

friends he has given me. 1 cannot go into

a city or town but the best people in it

gather around me. Thank God for

Christian friends. My friends, if you want

true friends, you want the friends of Jesus

Christ. When I received Christ, I thought

I got a great blessing. I thought it was the

best gift I ever received; and I used to

wonder if he would continue that

precious to me. But I can say without

exaggeration that he has been a thousand

times more to me than I thought he would

be. If you want to know how to become a

Christian, just receive Christ; and you

will get everything in him.

If you will let him into your heart, he will

bless you and save you. This is the new

birth, the new creation, the new nature.

Have you got them?

Then the new name—have you got that?

Can you say you are a child of God?

Have you got into the new way?

Have you got the new song in your


Are you living on this heavenly food?

Have you got new friends?

Romans 10:13 says:

For whosoever shall

call upon the name of the

Lord shall be saved.