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The Amish Voice 3

things are just as separate from the old as

day from night. The moment we get that

new nature, then the warfare begins.

I never had any conflict with myself till I

was born of God. I had a pretty good

opinion of myself, till I got a new nature.

But then the warfare began, and it has

gone on ever since; though, thank God,

He can give me the victory. If a man says

he is not at war with himself, it is a pretty

good sign he has not a heavenly nature.

When you find a man with a bad nature, a

mean, contemptible disposition, a mean

temper, and he is praying to Christ to

overcome it, you may know that he has

become a partaker of the Divine nature,

and he can get strength from God to get

victory. I have more respect for a woman

with a mean, contemptible nature, who is

trying to overcome it, than I have for

those who are naturally pretty good and

do not want to become any better. You

do not know the struggle some of these

people have that you look down upon.

They come into this world with a mean,

contemptible nature; and Christ has

overcome them, so that you can get along

with them. I do not know how we could

live with a good many people, but for this

grace of God. The natural man lives for

himself; but when he is born of God, he

lives for God; he gets outside of himself,

and God calls out the noblest part of his

nature. Then we are following in the

footsteps of our Master, and we receive

his Spirit. We live like him,

and talk like him, and act

like him; and then we are in

harmony with God, and live

as God would have us live.

In the 7th and 8th chapters of

Romans, you find the

conflict going on between

these two natures. Paul had

that conflict. He was not

freed from the old nature

when he was converted.




carefully, and you will find

that he had the same conflict

with the flesh that most of us

have. Often we do the very thing we hate.

Perhaps we have let our tempers get the

better of us, and then have had to

apologize. We ought to reckon ourselves

dead, not say we are dead. Some have an

idea that the old man is dead and cast out,

and they are not going to have any more

trouble with him. Satan so blinds us. If

the old man were dead, we would not

have to watch him; and yet, over and

over again, Christ tells the disciples to

watch. You do not know when the old

nature will come up, like a tiger let loose.

If the old nature were dead, you would

not have to watch it. Now if we keep the

old man crucified, as we ought to, and

put on the new man, we can walk in the

light of the world; we need not have any

dark ways. But we have to keep our eyes

on the Master, and watch and pray. Then

it is all the time peace and joy. You know

it is impossible for a man or woman to

walk in darkness that follows Christ.

I want to call your attention to this one

truth of the two natures; and I would like

to ask if you would take time this week,

any of you who are troubled about your

conversion and look up this subject. The

first ten years of my Christian

experience, I had a good many conflicts

with myself; and the question often came

up, have I been converted? If so, how is it

that my old temptations and desires come

back? How is it I long sometimes to do

the things I once used to do? I found,

after I had been a Christian ten years, that

God never took away my old nature. God

gave me a new one, and the two remain.

If I don't keep down my old man, he will

come up and lead me into bondage and

darkness. The question is, Have you got

the new nature? Have you become a

partaker of the Divine nature? If you

have, it is a sign you have been born


The next thing we get is a new name;

and God gives us a name. When we are

brought into the family of God, the

household of faith, we get a new name.

We are no longer lost sinners, but the

sons of the High God. We are made

perfect in Christ, clothed in his garments;

we are made sons and daughters of God.

We have a birthright, and it is a name.

We are not only born into the family of

God, but adopted. When we are born into

the family of God, and become partakers

of his nature, we take his name. The only

way to get into that family is to be born

in; we cannot educate ourselves in or

work our way in. It is the work of God

that takes us in. No man, until he is born

of God, can say really that he is a


Another thing we get is the new way.

We do not walk in the same way as

before we were converted.

A man or

woman who professes Christianity and

yet goes on in the old way has not been

born again. When we are born again, We

are born in a new way; and

Christ is that way himself. We

give up our way, and take his.

The old way leads to death, the

new way to life everlasting. In

the old way, Satan leads us; in

the new way, the Son of God

leads us. We are led by him,

not into bondage and darkness,

but into the way of peace and

joy. A great many people tell us

that they do not believe in the

Old Testament, or in much of

the New; but they believe in the

Ten Commandments, and the

Sermon on the Mount. Some