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The Amish Voice 11

decide to love each other and never

steal what is not ours.

If people really started leaving their

houses unlocked, do you think other

people would take advantage of this?

Fifty people in your neighborhood might

try to be honest and try to follow the

President’s advice, but all you need is

one crook to ruin it for everyone!



There is enough stealing that goes on

even when people lock their doors! Just

think how much stealing there would be

if people made it easy for thieves to break

in and steal! Should a country make it

easy for another country to invade and to


It Pays To Be Prepared

In Nehemiah chapter 4, the children of

Israel were building the wall around the

city of Jerusalem. Why did they need a

wall? Was it for decoration? Was it to

keep young children from wandering

away? No,

the wall was for protection

and for defense

. The Jews knew that

they were surrounded by enemies and

they wanted to build a wall to protect

their city.

Their enemies did not want them to

succeed in building this wall. Was the

enemy planning to come and attack

(Nehemiah 4:11)? _________

What weapons did they have (Neh. 4:13)



Were they PREPARED to fight? ______

As it turned out, the Jews did not even

need to fight (see Neh. 4:15). The enemy

knew that they were PREPARED and

ready to fight and so they did not dare to

attack them! The Jews then went back to

work building the wall. Were they still

ready to fight (Neh. 4:16-18, 21)? ______

A long time ago, a similar situation took

place. In the days of Esther there were

people who were afraid that the entire

Jewish race would be destroyed, and they

had good reason for thinking this would

happen (see Esther 3:13). But if the

people had believed their Bibles, they

would have known that this was

impossible. God had promised that the

nation Israel would never cease from

being a nation (Jeremiah 31:35-37; 33:24

-26). If the Jewish race had been

destroyed, then God would have been a


The Coming Holocaust

The word "HOLOCAUST" means a

thorough (complete) destruction. It refers

especially to destruction by fire (to be

burnt whole, to be completely burned

up). Many people are afraid of a nuclear

holocaust. They fear that someday

nuclear weapons will be used and

mankind will be completely destroyed by

the nuclear fire and fallout.

There is a time of great destruction

coming upon planet earth and millions of

people will die, but this destruction will

not be caused by man. This will not be a

destruction caused by the Russians,

by Iraq, by China, or by any other

country. This will not be a destruction

caused by certain countries having a

nuclear war. This destruction will be

caused by GOD HIMSELF!

God is going to send great judgments and

plagues upon the earth during the

Tribulation Period. This will be a

DIVINE HOLOCAUST (caused by God)

as a result of man’s sinfulness. The

entire unsaved population of the world

will be removed from the earth by the

time God is finished with His work of


The book of Revelation tells us about

these judgments and plagues that will

come upon the earth in the future. For

example, in Revelation 6:8 we are told

that the f_______________ part of the

earth will be killed. This is one fourth of

the world’s population!

In Revelation 9:15 we learn that the

t_______________ part of men will be

killed. This is mass destruction!

You can read about more of these plagues

in Revelation chapters 8 and 9. When the

Lord Jesus Christ returns at the end of the

Tribulation, there will be another great

destruction and slaughter of the enemies

of God (see Revelation 14:14-20; 19:11-


In the days of Moses, God sent some

terrible plagues and judgments on the

land of Egypt. You can read about these

in the early chapters of the book of

Exodus. In the future, God will send

plagues and judgments not just on the

land of Egypt, but on the entire world.

Those who are caught up into heaven will

be kept from this terrible time of trouble

that will come upon all those who remain

on the earth (Revelation 3:10). What

happened to the land of Egypt long ago is

a miniature picture of what will happen to

the entire world in the Tribulation Period.

God’s holocaust is coming!

Man should not be feared. Russia or

China or some other country should not

be feared. The Bible indicates in Ezekiel

chapters 38-39 that God will take care of

that great power from the north (RUSSIA

and its allies). Satan is not the one we

should fear. The One that we should

really fear is GOD HIMSELF (see

Matthew 10:28). If we really want to

have PEACE, then we need to make sure

we have PEACE WITH ________

(Romans 5:1).

The most terrible war of all is when a

person is at war with God in his heart.

The worst and most destructive kind of

fighting is when a person fights against

God in his heart. The Bible clearly

teaches that an unsaved person is an

ENEMY of God (Romans 5:10). The

Lord Jesus died on the cross so that this

war could be over (Romans 5:6-10).

Those who believe on

Christ and those who

have received Christ as

their Savior have

peace with God

True/False Peace, continued