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March 2016

There was a lady came into the inquiry-

room, this week, and wanted to have me

tell her if she was a Christian. I told her I

would be very happy to tell her if I knew,

but I did not know. I would have liked to

have had time to tell her how she might

know, how it was her

privilege to find out

whether she was a child

of God or not; because I

think the Scripture is

very plain about it and

does not leave us in the





determined to find out

whether we have been

born of the Spirit or

not. This afternoon, I

want to call your

attention to nine new things, if we are

born of God.

The first is a new heart:


Except a man

be born again, he cannot see the kingdom

of God

"—born from above, born of the

Spirit. Three different ways the Scripture

has put it—born again, born from above,

born of the Spirit. Now this new birth is

not the work of man; it is the work of

God. God alone is the author of life. A

great many people tell us that this is a

great mystery; that they do not

understand about this new birth. It is a

mystery, they say. Well, there is no doubt

about that; Christ says so himself. We

will admit it is a mystery; but,

nevertheless, it is one of the most

important there is in the Word of God. I

have no doubt but every person in this

assembly has met some one who has been

changed by the Spirit of God: they have

been born again; they have received a

new heart. They were not the same that

they were once.

It was not a mere profession. It was not

their being confirmed on Easter Sunday,

or being baptized in some church on

some Sabbath morning; it was not their

partaking of the communion. These are

all right in their place, but they are not

the new birth. Let us keep that in mind.

Profession is one thing; conversion is

another. A man may be a leper and cover

up his leprosy; but be is a leper still. A

man may be a beggar and put on a new

suit of clothes; but he is a beggar still.

We are told here, in the 1st Epistle of

John, 5th chapter

and 4th verse, what

will happen if we are

born of God: "


whosoever is born of

God overcometh the

world; and this is the





world, even our

faith. Who is he that



world, but he that

believeth that Jesus

is the Son of God?


Now if we overcome the world, it is a

sign that we have been born of God; but

if we are all the time fighting and striving

to overcome it and being defeated, it is a

good sign we have not been born again of

the Spirit. For in the 6th chapter of

Galatians, 15th verse, it says: "

For in

Christ Jesus neither circumcision

availeth anything, nor uncircumcision,

but a new creature.


Now forms and ordinances are very

Signs of the New Birth

—Dwight L. Moody (1837-1899)