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The Amish Voice 10

True Peace And False Peace

Today there are many people who are

crying out for peace. They would like to

see an end to war and an end to fighting.

War is not a very pleasant subject. Most

people do not like to think about soldiers

dying on battlefields or bombs being

dropped on cities that are filled with men,

women, and children. Most people long

for the day when there will be no more

war and when there will be truly "peace

on earth."

The Bible tells us that someday the Lord

Jesus Christ will be KING and He will

rule this world from the city of Jerusalem

(see Isaiah 2:1-5). He will be called "the

PRINCE OF P_______________ (Isaiah

9:6). When Jesus is KING OF THE

EARTH will there be any war (Micah

4:3)? _____ Jesus Christ will make "wars

to _____________ unto the end of the

earth" (Psalm 46:9).

Yes, peace will come to planet earth; but

is Jesus Christ ruling on earth today from

Jerusalem? _____ Do we have peace on

earth today or do we have war on earth







the devil (John 16:11) and we know that

he is



Bible tells us that there will be peace on


but not yet

! There can be no true

and lasting peace without the PRINCE


Weakness Leads to War; Strength

Leads to Peace

Most people do not want to fight unless

they think they can win. Only a foolish

person would go into a battle that he

knows he will lose. Would it not be

foolish if you tried to box against the

heavyweight champion of the world?

Goliath was a CHAMPION (see 1

Samuel 17:4), and he was so BIG and so

TALL and so STRONG that no one

wanted to fight him! The men of Israel

thought that Goliath would win and that

they would surely lose, so they did not

dare to fight. Why did David fight the

giant? Did David think that Goliath

would win? _______ Did David believe

that his God was greater and stronger

than mighty Goliath? ________________

People do not like to fight against a

strong army. The enemy will be afraid to

attack if they know the opposing army

has greater power than their own. Joshua

had an army that had the power and

might of God behind it. God gave Joshua

and the Israelites many great victories.

It would be wonderful if all the nations of

the world would destroy all their

weapons and decide to live in peace, but

we do not live in this kind of a world. We

live in a sinful world described by James

in James 4:1-2. We live in a world where

people want to have what is not theirs

and they are willing to fight and kill to

get it.

Suppose the nations of the world were to

meet together and decide to disarm and

destroy all weapons, but two of the

nations just pretend to do this. Instead of

destroying their weapons, they secretly

begin making even more. Soon all the

nations of the world will be weak and

these two will be strong. These two

nations can then attack and conquer any

country they wish. No one would be

strong enough to stop them. Disarming

will not lead to peace unless every

country does it.

It would be nice if we could live in a

world where there is no stealing. But is

this the kind of a world we live in?

Suppose the President of the United

States were to make this announcement:

Fellow Americans, from now on we are

all going to live in peace with each

other. Let’s all leave the doors to our

houses unlocked and let’s leave the

doors to our cars unlocked. Let’s all

As the world continues to turn its back on God, we want to take a look at what the future holds according to the One who is

the Beginning and the End—God! We hope you enjoy and benefit from this series, courtesy of Middletown Bible Church.

Follow along, fill in the blanks, and look up! May we all be ready for the return of Jesus Christ!

You will need a Bible for this lesson.

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