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The Amish Voice 9

God’s Word says:

"Study to show yourselves approved unto God, rightly

dividing the word of truth"

(2 Timothy 2:15). Simply tear this page out, fill it

out, and send it back to us. We will send you your choice of a

free Bible

correspondence course

to help you see for yourself what the Bible really says.

Complete all the lessons in the course, and not only will we send you a

certificate of completion

, but you will have learned more of the Bible and

grown closer to God.

We currently have seven different Bible study courses from which you can choose:

1. ABC's of Christian Growth:

How well do you know the doctrines of the Christian faith? Have you ever sat down

and studied God—do you know Him? What about Heaven? Jesus Christ? The Holy Spirit? The Church? The New

Birth? Prayer? Return of Jesus Christ? The Bible? Satan? Hell? The Family? Communion? This course is one of our


2. Book of Books Study:

How well do you know the history, customs, geography, and measurements of the Bible?

Did anyone ever sit down with you and explain how the Old and New Testaments fit together? Do you

understand how to apply God's word to your life today—2015?

3. Verse-by-Verse Study:

This course will help you understand various books of the Bible by taking you through an in-

depth verse-by-verse study. The study includes the books of John, Ephesians, and Romans.

4. Topical Study:

Many people struggle with fear, anger, pride, doubt, loneliness, and disbelief. Others struggle with

worry, faith, and a healthy prayer life. If you fall into any one of these pits, please consider signing up for this

course. Join others who have signed up and are receiving the spiritual help and encouragement they need.

5. Foundational Study:

Is your heart set on the Christian home? How can you gain victory over a certain sin in your

life? Do you have questions about the new birth? Brokenness? Biblical separation? This course provides you

clear answers straight from the Bible.

6. Basic Basics:

Does the Bible tell us how we can know we are going to heaven? The answer, of course, is yes! God

is very clear about it. If you have any doubts at all about your salvation, please ask for this study.

7. Life’s Struggles:

Most Christians struggle with fear, pride, doubt, anger, and/or worry. So the question is, can a

person overcome these struggles? We believe that God’s Word does tell us how to overcome these struggles.

This study guide will help you find the answers. Go ahead and sign up for lesson one, and don’t stop until you

have completed all five lessons in the course.