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The Amish Voice 6

All of the animals and plants are in

bondage to the laws of disease and decay

and death. The animals are killing and

being killed. They are eating and being

eaten. Plants are being eaten, too, and

those that are not eaten soon die and


CURSE OF DEATH (including animals,

plants, and people).

We learn in Romans 8:19-23 that the

creation will not be delivered or set free

from this bondage until Christ returns.

When Christ is on earth as King, things

will be quite different.

Read Isaiah 11:6-9. Are these animals

killing and being killed?


Is the description of Isaiah




description of the animal

kingdom today? _____

The story is told of a

Russian zoo keeper who

once said, "We keep a wolf

and a lamb together in the

same cage!" The people

who heard this said, "How can this be?"

He then explained: "It's really true,

although we have to put a new lamb in

every day!" But when Christ is King over

all the world, the lions and wolves and

tigers and bears will not even need to be

in cages!

There are many people today who think

that man will somehow solve the problem

of disease and death. It is true that

scientists have made many wonderful

discoveries and have found cures for

many diseases, but no one has solved the

problem of death. ALL MEN DIE,

including the scientists and the doctors.

The Bible says that "death passed upon

_________ men" (Romans 5:12).

The curse in Genesis 3:19 says: "

For dust

thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return


All men will die and go back to dust!

There are people today who believe the

problem of death will someday be solved.

Some are even having their bodies frozen

when they die. These frozen bodies are

then stored in a very cold place. These

people hope that someday someone will

invent a cure for death so that their

bodies will be thawed out and restored to


Should we expect this to ever happen?


Who is the only Person who can call

forth the dead (see John 5:28-29)?


We are living in a world of disease and

decay and death, and this will not change

until Christ returns. We should expect

this to be so! Someday things will be

different and God will give His believers

bodies that will never die or never decay

and never have diseases (see 1

Corinthians 15:52-54)!

Difficult Days

God has told us just what to expect in the

days ahead: "This know also, that in the

last days __________________________

times shall come" (2 Timothy 3:1).

The word "PERILOUS" means "hard" or

"difficult." We should not expect easy

times! The Bible tells us that the days

ahead will be hard and difficult.

Jesus told us to expect the same thing. He

said, "In the world ye shall have

__________________________ (trouble,

difficulty, distress, problems)" (John


Jesus never said that the road ahead

would be an easy road. Read what Jesus

told his own disciples (John 15:18-21;


Even though the times are difficult times,

do we need to be troubled or afraid (John

14:27)? _________

Is there peace in the middle of the trouble

(John 16:33)? __________

Do we have to fear what men might do to

us (Hebrews 13:6)? _________

Do we have to face the

difficulties alone (Matthew

28:20)? _________

Do we have the strength

that we need (Philippians

4:13)? _________

Man’s Sinfulness

Let’s look at 2 Timothy

3:13: "But ____________










and being deceived."

Why isn’t the world getting better and

better? Why are conditions getting worse

and worse? The evil men and women

who live on planet earth are the problem.

The only way to have a better world is to

have better people!

Why are the last days going to be so

perilous and difficult (see 2 Timothy

3:1)? __________________________

Is it because the government is so bad? Is

it because our rulers and leaders are so

bad? Is it because Russia or Iraq or China

or North Korea or some other country is

so bad?

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