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The Amish Voice 5

As the world continues to turn its back on God, we want to

take a look at what the future holds according to the One

who is the Beginning and the End—God! We hope you

enjoy and benefit from this series, courtesy of Middletown

Bible Church. Follow along, fill in the blanks, and look up!

May we all be ready for the return of Jesus Christ!

The True and the False

What should we expect in the days and

years before Jesus Christ returns for His

believers (John 14:3)?

War or Peace?

Did the Lord Jesus tell us to expect war

or peace on this earth in the coming days

(Matthew 24:6)? _____________

Circle the correct answer from Matthew

24:6. Jesus said that wars and rumors

(reports) of wars...

a. Will not come to pass

b. May not come to pass

c. May come to pass

d. Must come to pass

Should the believer be troubled by this

prediction (Matthew 24:6)? __________

Are the nations of the world going to be

at peace with each other (Matthew 24:7)?


Jesus has told us what to expect. Should

we be surprised or shocked when we hear

about such things in the news? ________

Think of yourself in school. If you came

to class thinking that there will not be any

quiz, would you be surprised if the

teacher handed out paper and gave you a

quiz? Would you be ready for it? But if

the teacher had warned you a week

before that there would be a quiz, would

you be surprised when the paper was

handed out? Would you be prepared? If

you are not prepared, whose fault would

it be? The Lord Jesus said that wars must

come to pass. The believer knows what to


Should we expect wars to last forever? In

Isaiah 9:6 (at the end of the verse) the

Lord Jesus is called "The Prince of


When the Prince of Peace comes to this

earth, will wars continue or will He put

an end to war (Psalm 46:9; Isaiah 2:4)?



Our world is filled with poor people—

people who lack food and clothing and

money. Have you ever seen people who

are poor? Have you ever seen people

begging for food or money? Have you

ever seen pictures of starving children?

In John 12:3, we learn that Mary took a

expensive ointment and poured it over

Jesus’ feet. Was Judas glad she did this

for the Lord (John 12:4-5)? _________

Judas said that the ointment should have

been sold and the money given to the

______________ (John 12:5).

Was Judas really concerned about the

poor (John 12:6)? __________

Who did he really want the money to be

given to (John 12:6)?


Jesus then said that Mary had done the

right thing (John 12:7-8). According to

Jesus’ words, should we expect to have

poor people around today? __________

Should we be surprised when we see

poor people? __________

Disease, Decay, and Death

Our world is under a curse and God put

this curse on the world because of man’s

sin. You can read about this curse in

Genesis chapter 3. All of creation is

affected by this curse. In Romans 8:22,

we learn that "the whole


groaneth and travaileth in

____________ together

until now."

You will need a Bible

for this lesson.