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The Amish Voice


P.O. Box 128

575 U.S. Highway 250

Savannah, OH 44874

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September 2015

Throughout my growing up years, I was

very much aware that one should not use

the word “sex” in public. Let me go one

step further. I was of the mindset that the

word itself was dirty—right up there with

all the other swear words. Furthermore, it

was my understanding that only moms

and dads were allowed to use the

forbidden word, and then only behind

closed doors. I’m not sure why I felt

that way. Somewhere, somehow,

someone taught me to think that sex

was connected with the dark side and

was sinful.

From the time I was old enough to

carry on a conversation to the time I

got married, I don’t recall any mature

grownup ever sitting down with me and

explaining even the smallest detail about

married life, sex, and pregnancy. No one!

Not even my parents.

As I remember it, when mom got ready to

deliver another baby (she had 14 in all),

we were led to believe that somehow the

Lord just dropped baby Johnny in my

parents' laps. Johnny could have come

from ten different places and we would

not have known! No trustworthy, mature

grownup ever took the time to explain it.;

that is, until I reached my early teen


I was just a youngster when I first heard

the word “sex.” It happened while some

of my first cousins and I were hanging

out behind the barn. My oldest cousin,

Paul, knew more about sex than the rest

of us. As he shared bits and pieces of

what he had heard, we laughed. Each one

of us boys laughed and joked until tears

rolled down our cheeks.

I could go on, but you get the drift. From

the very beginning, my view of sex was

twisted. It was at best half-truth and half-

lie. Had a mature grownup talked to me

about this topic, I would have been ready

to discuss it with truth and confidence.

But wait! Consider if all of us cousins

had learned the truth about sex from our

parents. The barn yard discussion would

never have taken place the way it did.

Let me go one step further. If mature

grownups—specifically our parents—

would have taken the time to sit down

with each one of us and discuss the truth

about sex and pregnancy, we may very

well have looked at sex as the gift

from God that it is. Rather than

sex becoming a joke and a dirty

word, we may have started our

life out looking at sex as

something beautiful and worth

waiting for until we got married.

Instead, everything but that


It is not my desire to offend anyone;

however, I feel the Lord is leading me to

write about the topic of sex for the

following reasons:

1. God’s Word talks a lot about sex.

If it is important to Him, it

should be for us also.

2. Sex is not a dirty

word, but a gift

that God gave

Fornication, Adultery, and Homosexuality

—Joe Keim