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The Amish Voice 11

Teaching and Equipping Our Children For Life

—Joe Keim

This article goes right along with another one I

wrote for this issue of the Amish Voice, called

Fornication, Adultery, and Homosexuality

. If you

read it first, this one will make more sense to you.

Having children and raising a family is not easy—it takes time,

patience, sweat, tears, sleepless nights, prayer, and lots of training.

As parents, we know we only have a limited

amount of time—perhaps 19 to 20

years—before the child is fully grown

and ready to go on his own. During

that limited time, parents will do their

best to teach each child to refrain

from lying, stealing, swearing, and

fighting with their siblings. Most

parents will go to great measure to

teach their children how to work

hard, be responsible, get an

education, eat right and follow

God. Why? Because our goal is

to prepare them to one day make

it on their own.

Sadly, though, many parents

stop short of teaching their

children anything about sex,

pregnancy, and the birth of babies. To some parents, these topics

are forbidden outside a closed bedroom door and should only be

discussed between husband and wife. To others, using the word

“sex” in front of a young single adult is almost as bad as swearing.

Today, however, I would like to challenge you to think differently.

1. Most children will hear about sex and having babies before

they are 15 years old. Where do they get their information?

From friends who heard it from other friends. In most cases,

the topic is treated as a joke, and everybody laughs about it.

Most of the time, they only learn half the truth; the rest is

twisted and misunderstood.

2. If kept within God’s guidelines, sex can be a pleasurable

bonding time between husband and wife. However, God’s gift

of sex can also turn into pain and shame when used outside of

His guidelines. Some readers know what I’m talking about,

because they have been there and are now paying the price.

3. John Regier says,

“98% of couples who

come for marriage

counseling had sex



Sadly, most of these

couples started out on


wrong path,



parents did not sit

down and prepare


This leads me to



personal with you

that took place in

our own family.

When our children

turned seven years old, Esther and I sat down with each one

separately and read

The Story of Me

(Book 1). When they turned

eight or nine, we read

Before I Was Born

(Book 2). By the time

they reached 12 years old, our children knew everything about

God’s design for their bodies, the gift of sex, and how babies

are born. Not one stone was left unturned.

The books I just described are listed on the next

page and can be ordered from us. They are

Christian-based and were used as a guide that

led us into family discussions.

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the

way he should go: and

when he is old, he will not

depart from it.


When your child comes

to the doorway of life,

ready to walk alone, and

to choose his own direc-

tion—stop at

this en-

trance, and begin a series

of instructions, such as

how he is to conduct him-

self in every step he


Show him the duties, the

dangers, and the bless-

ings of the path; give him

directions on how to per-

form the duties, how to

escape the dangers, and

how to secure the bless-

ings, which all lie before

him. —Joe Keim

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