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The Amish Voice 12

Teaching and Equipping Our Children for Life

Book 1: The Story of Me (age 7) —


Book 2: Before I was Born (age 8-9) —


Book 3: What’s the Big Deal (age 9-10) —


Book 4: Facing the Facts (age 10-11) —


All four books — $45

Already Married

The Exemplary Husband—


The Excellent Wife—


Love, Dating and Marriage

Right From the Start—


Things I Wish We Would Have Known Before Marriage—


Save Your Marriage Before it Starts (Men)—


Save Your Marriage Before it Starts (Women)—


To Kill a Lion

To Kill a Lion, by Bruce Lengeman—


Workbook: Dealing With Marriage and Personal Struggles

Marriage and Personal Struggles, by John Regier—


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We learned how certain changes would start taking place on their

bodies as they approached their teenage years. We also learned

how those changes would not only affect the body, but also the

mind. There would come a time when the child would pull away

from dad and mom and become the person God intended. We said,

when that happens, dad and mom will want to hang onto you and

not let you go. But, as normal children, you will continually seek to

pull away. We spent a great deal of time discussing and

brainstorming ways that we as parents and children might handle

those times of pulling away and holding back. At one point, I

remember our son Jonathan bursting into tears, fearing that things

would turn out badly between him and us.

Without a doubt, the books and discussions were one of the best

things we ever did as a family! It drew us together and

strengthened our relationships in a way nothing else could have. It

gave both parent and child the feeling that we could discuss

anything, and while doing so, feel very much comfortable and at


Let me say again, it is my belief that we as parents must teach our

children about sex and having babies. It was never God’s intention

that we hide this truth from them.

I would suggest that if you choose to follow our pattern, consider

that mom goes through the books with her daughters and dad goes

through the books with his sons. Let it be a time of bonding and

growing together in life. You’ll be glad you did. I promise!

– Joe Keim

The books mentioned in this article are listed below. We

are making them available and would like to encourage

you to order your own set. If your children are grown,

you could always give them to someone you love.

To order, cut out or write a note to The Amish Voice, P.O.

Box 128, Savannah, OH 44874. You can also call our office at

(419) 962-1515 and pay via credit card.

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Teaching and Equipping Our Children for Life

Dating Years

Already Married

To Kill a Lion

Destroying the

Power of Lust

From the Root

by Bruce


Workbook: Marriage and Personal Struggles

Each of the twenty-three chapters has




problems. Scripture references and a

space to write are provided to

encourage individuals to research the