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The Amish Voice 9

road through this life. The big difference

now is that in spite of struggles, there is a

foundation to work from, whereas before,

there was absolutely nothing to stand on.

The tremendous ability of God to re-

store a bad situation to the most beautiful

reality is nothing short of amazing. God is

still working in my situation, and I trust He

will be as long as I live here on earth.

God is very interested in the lives of

His children and potential children. Only as

we yield our lives to Him can He work on

the details of the beautiful plan he has for

every one of us. We cannot yield to God

without dying to our own selfish, carnal

nature. Only as we die to our own selves

can we rise to new and fulfilling lives in


Life, then, is not about us. Probably

one of my biggest struggles has been to

trust in the blood of Jesus for my salvation

and realize that good works will not save

me. It is faith alone in the grace of God that

will save. Ephesians 2:8-10 makes it clear

what faith does, and where works fit in.

For by Grace are ye saved through faith,

and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of

God; Not of works less any man should

boast. For we are His workmanship, creat-

ed in Christ Jesus unto good works, which

God hath before ordained that we should

walk in them.

These verses have helped me

to understand that we are saved by faith.

By faith God gives us a new heart with

new desires and a totally new way of think-

ing. Because of this heart change, we begin

to reflect the image of Christ. This new

person that God has created out of us is

uniquely created to have good works come

forth. These works are very pleasing to

God because He creates them in us. Can

we then just stand back and not even try to

do anything?

For it is God which worketh

in you, both to will and to do of His good


(Philippians 2:13).

As God works in us, He gives us a de-

sire to do what He wants us to do, and He

also gives us the strength to do it. Because

of this, we do good works, not to be ac-

cepted as the children of God, but because

we are accepted as His children. According

to Romans 8:7-9, it is impossible to please

God if we have not accepted Him as our

Lord and Savior by faith.

John 15 talks about fruit coming forth

out of a believer’s life, which might actual-

ly be the more accurate term. According to

James 2:17, if there is no fruit coming from

a person’s life, that person’s faith is dead.

So dear reader, have you found a rela-

tionship with God that completely satisfies

your soul? If you have not, where will you

find this satisfying relationship? In the

Amish church? In some Mennonite church

or some other denomination? What does

Jesus say in the matter?

I am the way, the

truth and the life

(John 14:6).

Peace with God will never be found in

any certain denomination, but in God Him-

self. So whatever denomination we are in,

God must be the Head of our church. Only

by following the way and the truth will we

find true and everlasting life. If we cannot

find true peace where we are right now, we

probably won’t find it elsewhere either.

Now our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and

God, even our Father, which hath loved us,

and hath given us everlasting consolation,

and good hope through grace, comfort

your hearts and establish you in every

good word and work

(2 Thessalonians 2:16


Jonas and Keturah Yoder

RR 1 Box 116 C

Princeton MO 64673

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