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The Amish Voice 6

If you are going to take a leap, leap into the waiting arms of the

Lord Jesus Christ. Allow Him to pull you close to His side.

PERSONAL JOURNAL NOTES (Reflection & Response)

1. The most important thing that I learned from this

lesson was:

2. The area that I need to work on the most is:

3. I can apply this lesson to my life by:

4. Closing Statement of Commitment:

This article was taken from the Teacher’s Outline and

Study Bible (TOSB) Commentary, Galatians? Did you

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My Song


1. The law continually convicts man of sin. What solu-

tion has God provided?

2. What feelings would a prisoner experience if he were

trapped in a dungeon? Have you ever experienced

some of the same feelings? What one thing freed you

from a prison of sin, a “life without parole”?

3. What does this verse teach you about the nature of

man? Why do some people tend to think that man is

basically good? How does Scripture address this



Is the law pointing a gun at you? Are you afraid of what will

happen when the trigger is pulled? BANG! It’s only a cruel gag.

Remember, the law has no power over you because...

1. The law was given to reveal sin—to make men more

aware of their sins.

2. The law was temporary.

3. The law was not given by God, but through a media-

tor; therefore, it is inferior.

4. The law has no power to give life.

5. The law declares that the whole world is a prisoner

of sin.

The Proof That A Man Is Justified By Faith Along And Not By Works

(Continued from previous page)

The story behind my poem is very special to

me because the Lord asked me to write it.

I’m from the Amish culture, and as the Lord

opened my eyes to receive Him as my Sav-

ior, I now want to share my testimony with

others. He has changed my perspective and

made a new piece of pottery out of me.

Though I was broken, now Jesus can shine

through my being, and I can tell the world

of His love and what He has done for me.

You first spoke to me, Jesus,

A little girl, bonnet and shawl.

Though you showed me your love,

With veil before my eyes, I couldn’t see

Through the storms of life

The broken pieces burned to ashes.

The tears from my heart

Put them together again, Lord.

You are the potter, Lord.

Mold me again.

Make something beautiful, Lord,

A new creation in you.

Tear down the strong holds;

Set the captives free;

Make me a shining light

For the blind to see.

Fill me with your Holy Spirit;

Light the candle within me;

Shine through me, Jesus,

For you have called me.

Make me your tabernacle;

Light the candle within me

To be used for your glory, Lord,

For all the world to see.

May you be exalted, Lord,

Through this vessel you have freed;

Through your precious blood

We will celebrate your victory.

– Cora Byler

—Cora Byler