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The law has the same effect on the Christian believer. It looks

intimidating and it sounds intimidating, but it is powerless. The law

cannot justify us. Those who claim that the law does justify are just

shouting BANG!

There were some teachers in the Galatian churches who were

teaching a false doctrine: that a person is justified (acceptable to

God) because...

he does the very best he can: he honestly tries to obey

the law of God and to do as much good as he can.

he practices religion: he keeps the rituals,

ceremonies, and rules of the church.

he has submitted to the basic ritual of the church

(circumcision, church membership, baptism, or


All of these are important: everyone should be faithful in

obeying the law and in practicing religion and in being baptized.

However, Scripture is abundantly clear: these are not the things that

actually justify a person. Jesus Christ alone justifies a person. Man

can do nothing whatsoever—exert no energy, no effort, no work—

to make him- self acceptable to God. A person is acceptable and

justified before God only when he truly believes in God’s Son,

Jesus Christ. There are many people who...

exert all kinds of energy and effort in keeping the law

and doing the best they can, but they do not believe in

Jesus Christ.

practice religion, but they do not believe in Jesus


have been circumcised and baptized, but they do not

believe in Jesus Christ.

The raw energy—the fundamental act—that saves a person is

faith in Jesus Christ, true faith in God’s very own Son. When a

person truly believes in God’s Son, God takes that person’s belief

and counts his belief as righteousness. God accepts that per- son

because he honors God’s Son—honors Jesus Christ by entrusting

and giving all he is and has into His keeping.

Since this is so, why then did God give the law to man? If we

are not saved and justified by obeying the law of God and doing the

best we can, what is the purpose of the law? This is the discussion

of this passage: to show that the law is powerless in saving a man.

And the powerlessness of the law actually proves that a person is

justified or made acceptable to God by faith.


1. The law was given to reveal sin—to make men more

aware of their sins (v.19).

2. The law was temporary (v.19).

3. The law was not given by God, but through a

mediator; therefore, it is inferior (v.19-20).

4. The law has no power to give life (v.21).

5. The law declares that the whole world is a prisoner

of sin (v.22).



How do we know that the law does not justify or make a person

acceptable to God? Because the law was given to reveal sin—to

make people more aware of their sins. Note the crucial fact: the law

was not given to make men righteous, but...

to make men aware of their sin and condemnation.

to show men that they are short of God’s glory.

to stir men to pay attention to the fact that they are


to stop every mouth from boasting and claiming self-


to awaken men to their crying need for God’s help.

to plant in man’s mind that he desperately needs God

to save him from sin and death.

to arouse every mouth to confess its need for a Savior

from sin and its punishment (death).

“Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no

flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the

knowledge of sin” (Ro. 3:20).

“Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring

us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith” (Ga.



What does God use to get your attention, to show that you are a

long way from perfection? Does He use other people or