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The Amish Voice 11

Pennsylvania Deitsh


If you


like to obtain

a New Testament with

Psalms and Proverbs in Pennsylvania

Deitsh, they are available for $13.95

postpaid from the

TGS International,

PO Box 355,

Berlin OH 44610

Phone 330-893-4828

You do not need to send money ahead

of time; they will bill you with your

order. Your local Christian bookstore

may also have them available.

The last few months have been wild with

the challenges, stresses, and hurdles that

come with being a family of seven who are

learning to grow and surrender to God's plan.

Things can seem downright overwhelming as

we all know very well, and it takes a lot of

focus and determination at times to keep our

spirits and courage up so we can keep going.

It has been a season of my life when I

feel that I am swallowing way more than my

share of responsibility, and there have been

times I have been downright resentful about

it. (They say confession is good for the soul,

so there you have it!) Many times I cry out to

God and ask Him, "Why? Why?” It seems so

unfair, especially when those who should be

shouldering the responsibility are right there

and refuse to shoulder their part. (My opin-

ion, but it is very accurate, I am sure!)

It has also been a time when I feel utterly

helpless in my circumstances. It is impossi-

ble for me, yet I can't seem to get help from

anyone either.

Often I find myself in fight or flight know, when you feel you can't

handle another minute, and you want to run

away until some people get a clue and

straighten up? I'm sure no one else has ever

felt that way! ;) I have begged and pleaded

with God to please heal my baby, please heal

my husband, please remove some stress,

please help the baby to sleep when I need

rest, etc....You know all those feelings, I am


I don't know. Maybe you never feel like

this, but my hunch tells me that most of us

know this feeling well or have experienced it

at one time or another in our lives. No matter

how hard we try to change our circumstances

or try to get out of a situation, we find our-

selves cornered. We begin to wonder,

WHAT IS God trying to DO?! We begin to

desperately plead with Him to show us what-

ever it is He wants us to see. ANYTHING to

be out of the current situation!

While I have often been in situations like

this, my current one takes the cake. There are

so many different things going on all at once,

almost all of which I have little control over,

and, for some reason, all of them are adding

stress or work for me, taking me to a place

where I feel like something has to change or

I might just pop with the pressure!

Have you ever noticed how during these

times it also seems no one else can see the

amount of pressure you are under, and they

just keep saying, "You need to give this to

God"?! If we are honest with ourselves, we

often feel like telling them to be quiet. It can

be an extremely lonely time.

Ok, so what am I getting at? What is real-

ly going on? Are you going to give us some

relief? Well, no, I'm not, but Someone is; that

is, after we allow ourselves to die to the pro-


What?! Die?! Yes. Consider how a seed

has to die in order for a new plant or flower

to spring to life. These situations are just like

that. The

pressure and heat is allowed to

cause old, obsolete, or ugly things to die off,

so a new person can emerge.

Did you ever ask yourself, "Why does

this keep happening to me?" Does it seem

like the same type of scenario keeps repeating

itself, or the same type of irritating people

keep appearing in your life, seemingly to

torment you? And often the situation be-

comes more intense the more often it re-

turns? This is because if we fail the test, we

just get to repeat it over and over until we

finally figure it out. This may feel cruel, but it

is actually God giving us chance after chance

to allow Him to work in our lives and make

us better people. He is actually coaxing us,

"Please let me do my work in you. Please let

me make you into the person I need to use in

my Kingdom."

There is a song that says, "The soul afraid

of dying never learns to live." We need to

learn to surrender to the process. It does not

mean we just give up, but we say, "Ok, Fa-

ther. I surrender to Your work in me. I allow

my flesh to die so You can make me what

You want me to be."

And remember, winter's dying seed be-

comes summer's rose.

In dying we live, and

letting the ugly die, the beautiful can emerge!

Be encouraged, and surrender to God's pro-

cess in you! He has beautiful plans for your


Winter Seeds & Summer Roses

—Lynn Miller