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The Amish Voice 10

“I just read something about if we are in

Christ Jesus, old things are passed away, and

everything else is made new,” Katie ex-

plained. “What is the old that is passed

away and what becomes new?”

Mattie had no answer for Katie as she

paid for the few dish towels she’d picked up

for her hope chest (or was it a hopeless

chest?). Her inward conflict over what

worldliness was just added to her despera-

tion of not having a steady boyfriend.

Katie was working for Enos W Mary and

was driving their rig to run the few errands

for the family. As she headed back to the

house, she had some thinking time. Pat, the

faithful horse, plodded along in the cooling,

autumn sunlight of the country gravel road.

He set his pace and headed homeward.

“I believe the old things that are passed

away are issues of the heart. Didn’t I confess

at my baptism that I believed that Jesus is

the only begotten Son of God and that He

died so the world could be saved?”

Suddenly her mind was illuminated as if

the Lord had shown her two completely dif-

ferent pictures. The difference was as clear

as black from white. Jesus did die to cleanse

her from her sins! The clothes she wore

could never do that. With that revelation, the

realization came that she must first love God

and then her fellowmen.

“How can I love God when I can’t freely

read His Word and find Him in it?” Katie

wondered out loud to Pat.

“Okay, Pat, we’re almost home…just

around the bend, past my friend Mary

Beachy’s place and over the hill.”

The two young ladies had become good

friends by attending the Sunday night sing-

ings, and Katie waved joyfully as she saw

Mary harvesting vegetables from the garden.

Katie’s prayerful questions led her to a

resolve – not to rebellion, but one that would

direct her in her quest for truth. She resolved

to read her Bible until she found the answers

to all of the questions that had plagued her.

Peace settled over her as she realized she

needed the truth more than that deep laven-

der material or even a black material.

Lydia Chorpening

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Shell Lake, WI 54871

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