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The Amish Voice 9

Did God choose the nation Israel because they were a large and

mighty nation (Deut. 7:7)? ___________

Why did God choose Israel to be His special nation and to be a

people for His very own? (see Deut. 7:8 and circle the correct


a. Because God hated the other nations.

b. Because God knew that the children of Israel were

righteous people and the people from other nations were

sinful people.

c. Because God loved Israel and wanted to keep His

promises to them.

d. Because God liked the children of Israel better than He

liked the Egyptians.

The Egyptians Try To Destroy Israel

Do you have any Jewish friends? These are the people who

have descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We call them

Jews. The Bible usually calls them the children of Jacob or the

children of Israel.

[Note: A person can also become a Jew by

embracing the Jewish faith. Such a person is called a

proselyte, or a convert to Judaism.]

Long ago, God made a promise to Abraham. God told Abraham

that he would have many, many descendants, just as there are

many, many stars and just as there are many, many grains of

sand at the sea shore (see Genesis 22:17).

Can you count the number of stars that can be seen on a clear,

starry night? _____

Can you count the number of grains of sand there are at the

beach? _____

God was telling Abraham that he would have so many children

(descendants) that people would not even be able to count them.

God kept His promise, because today there are MILLIONS of

Jews in the world.

When the children of Israel went into the land of Egypt, there

were only 70 of them (Exodus 1:5). Did they INCREASE in

number (have more and more people) or did they DECREASE

in number (have less and less people)? To find the answer read

Exodus 1:7, 9)? ________________ God blessed this nation

and they multiplied greatly. The nation of Israel came to Egypt

with only 70 people, but they grew and grew and grew!

The Egyptians were beginning to get worried (see Exodus 1:9)!

They tried to think of ways to keep the children of Israel from

becoming a great nation:

Plan Number 1:

Make them do hard wor k as slaves

(Exodus 1:10-11). But when the Egyptians made them work

harder, what happened to the children of Israel (Exodus 1:12)?

_______________________________ Did this Egyptian plan

work? _______

Plan Number 2:

Destr oy ever y male baby (Exodus 1:15-16).

The midwives were ladies who helped deliver babies. The king

of Egypt told the Jewish midwives to kill every male Jew that

was born. Did these ladies obey the king (Exodus 1:17-18)?

_____ Did this Egyptian plan work? _____

Plan Number 3:

Thr ow ever y male baby into the Nile River

(Exodus 1:22). Moses was one of the babies who was born at

that time. Pharaoh the king had said that every male baby

should be thrown into the river to die. Did the parents of Moses

let this happen to their son (Exodus 2:1-10 and Hebrews

11:23)? ______

Moses grew up and became the great leader of the Jewish

people! The Egyptians tried again and again to destroy the

Jewish people, but did God let their plans succeed? _____

Plan Number 4

: Destr oy them at the Red Sea (Exodus

14:10-12). Many years later it was time for the children of

Israel to leave the land of Egypt. Moses was now a grown up

man (about 80 years old). He was leading the children of

Israel out of the land of Egypt, but suddenly it looked as if the

Jews would be destroyed. The Red Sea was in front of them

and the Egyptian army was chasing after them from behind

(Exodus 14:10).

Did the children of Israel think that they would be destroyed

(Exodus 14:11-12)? _____ What did God do (Exodus 14:21)?

____________ _________________ Who was really

destroyed: the Jews or the Egyptians (Exodus 14:30)?


Can a Nation Live 40 Years in a Barren Desert?

There were about two million Jews who crossed the Red Sea

and entered the wilderness that was on the other side. They

would stay in this desert for about 40 years. How can this many

people survive in a desert wilderness for so long?

Were there times when the children of Israel thought that they

would die in this wilderness (Exodus 16:3; 17:3)? _______

Did God take care of them in this desert all these 40 years

and provide them with food and water and

everything they needed (Deut. 1:31; 2:7)?


Their clothes and their shoes did not even

wear out or get old (Deuteronomy 29:5)!

True/False Peace, continued