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The Amish Voice 11

The Jewish Nation Rejects Christ

When Jesus Christ became a man, He was born as a Jew. The

Bible says that He was "the son of D________________, the

son of A __________________ " (Matthew 1:1).








In the days of Christ, the Romans ruled the world, but they

allowed the Jewish nation to have a home in Israel. Jesus came

into the world to save the Jewish people from their _________

(Matthew 1:21).

Did the Jewish people receive Christ or did they reject Christ

(John 1:11)? ____________________________

Did they say, "CROWN HIM!" or did they say, "CRUCIFY

HIM!" (see John 19:6,15)? _________________________

Not all the Jews rejected Christ. There were some like Peter,

John, Paul, and Matthew who believed in Christ and followed

Him. But most of the Jews

rejected Him. The Jews

rejected the very One who

came down from heaven to

save them!

Even though most of the

Jews rejected Christ, what

does God want you to do




If you receive Christ, the

Bible says that you become

a son (child) of G______

(John 1:12).

Today all those who receive Christ and believe on Him are

God’s special people! Have you done this? Are you a child of

God? Most of the Jews said "NO" to their Savior and so God

reached out to all men and said, "Would you like to be saved?

Would you like to become a child of God? Would you like to

receive Christ as your Savior and Lord?" The Jews said,

"NO!" What have you said to God’s offer?

God’s Punishment

Rejecting Christ was a very great sin and God would have to

judge the Jewish nation for this. About 40 years after the death

of Christ, the Roman soldiers came into the city of Jerusalem

and destroyed it. The Jews had to leave their homeland and

they were scattered throughout the world. They had to live in

other countries, and in some of those countries they were

persecuted and treated very badly. Would this be the end of the

Jewish nation?

Suppose you have a pile of 500 pennies in the middle of a large

field. If those pennies are all together it is easy to pick them all

up and keep them together. But suppose you were to take each

penny and throw it as far as you could and in a different

direction. Would it be very easy to get all the pennies back

together again? ______

So it is with the nation of Israel. The Jews have been "thrown"

or scattered all over the world. How is the nation ever going to

get back together again? Will the nation ever live again?

The New State of Israel

In modern times something very remarkable has happened!

Jews have been returning to the land of Israel. In 1948, the new

nation of Israel was born. Thousands of Jews have been

returning to their ancient homeland.

The nation of Israel is still alive! Do you ever hear about the

nation of Israel on the news? _____________

Does the nation of Israel still

have enemies today who

would like to see Israel be

destroyed? ____________

Difficult Days Ahead

The Jewish people have not

had an easy road to travel on.

For example, it is estimated

that during World War II,

Hitler, the German leader, had

about six million Jews put to

death. This man tried to

destroy the Jewish people, but

today Hitler is dead and the

Jewish nation is still alive!

There is coming a future day when the Jews

will have even more trouble. This will be "the




_____________________" (Jeremiah 30:7).

This time of trouble is also known as the

Prophecy, continued