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The Amish Voice 8

The Nation That Cannot Be Destroyed

The continued existence of the nation of Israel is quite

remarkable. Suppose a man is being bothered by a mosquito.

This man slaps the mosquito, but it doesn’t die. He then smacks

it with a newspaper, but it doesn’t die. He then strikes it with a

fly swatter, but that does not kill the pest. He tries spraying it

with bug killer, but it still lives. He captures it in a jar and takes

the jar 25 miles away from his home and buries it in the ground.

One week later this same mosquito is back on the man’s arm!

The mosquito cannot be destroyed!

There is a nation that is like this imaginary mosquito. It is a

nation that cannot be killed or destroyed. Many attempts have

been made to destroy this nation, but all these attempts have

failed. This nation lives on. It is a miracle nation! It is the most

amazing nation on the face of the earth. It is the nation of


The survival of the nation of Israel is remarkable, especially

when we consider many of the other ancient nations who have

not survived and who have lost their national

identity. Consider, for example, the seven nations mentioned in

Deuteronomy 7:1. Are any of these nations in existence

today? What about the Philistines? What about the Assyrians

or the Babylonians? Certainly there are individuals who have

descended from these nations who are alive today, but these

nations have not maintained their national identity.

What other nation or people has been scattered among the

nations and yet has maintained its national identity and


The fact that Israel has maintained its national identity after

having its people scattered throughout the world for almost

1,900 years demonstrates the providential hand and the loving

care of Israel's God.

The Birth Of This Nation

This nation has not always existed. This nation did not exist in

the days of Adam or in the days of Noah. How did this nation


This amazing nation began with one man. What was this man’s

name (Genesis 12:1)? __________________

Later he would be called by what name (Genesis 17:5)?


God gave this man a wonderful promise in Genesis 12:2: "I will

make of thee a G________________ N________________.

Out of Abraham would come Isaac, and out of Isaac would

come Jacob who was also called I _______________ (see

Genesis 32:28).

Out of Jacob would come 12 sons and out of these 12 sons

would come a great nation.




THE 12 SONS OF JACOB (GEN 35:22-26)


God did not choose Egypt or the Arab people to be His special

nation. God did not choose Russia or China to be His special

nation. God chose the nation Israel:

"For thou art an holy people

unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to

be a SPECIAL P______________ unto Himself, above all

people that are upon the face of the earth"

(Deuteronomy 7:6).

As the world continues to turn its back on God, we want to take a look at what the future holds according to the One who is

the Beginning and the End—God! We hope you enjoy and benefit from this series, courtesy of Middletown Bible Church.

Follow along, fill in the blanks, and look up! May we all be ready for the return of Jesus Christ!

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