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The Amish Voice 7

Call in, Listen, and Participate!

Join us for a live conference call on

the first Sunday of every month at

8:00 p.m. EST. We now have a

new phone number.

Simply dial (302) 202-1110,

and then enter the conference

code 409703. Join us in

discussion or just listen to the call!

Some of our future Conference Calls

will be taken from topics in the Plowman Academy’s

ABC study.

Upcoming conference calls:

April 05 The Bible:

What is it? How Should We Use

It? Why Do We Need It?

May 03 The Church:

What is a Biblical Church? Is

Everyone Who Attends Church Part of

the Body of Christ?

Also, you can call in and listen to

some of our

past conference calls

on topics like:

Commitment and Dependability

Spirit, Soul, and Body

Premarital Sexual Relations and


The Security of the Believer

The End Times

The Importance of Time Alone With God

The recordings are about an hour long. To listen to our

past recordings, dial:

(641) 715-3800

and enter

pin #


Comments and Prayers Welcome!

1. If you have any comments, ideas, suggestions, questions, prayer requests, or might want to

contribute a possible article for the

Amish Voice

, please let us know.

2. If you enjoy the

Amish Voice

and would like to help us with the cost of printing and postage or if

you know of others who might benefit from the

Amish Voice

, please contact us.

3. Please pray for us and with us that we would all grow nearer to God.

The Amish


P.O. Box 128

Savannah, OH 44805

(419) 962-1515

We want to give a special thank you to

Dave, Renee, and the rest of the great

people at Leadership Ministries

Worldwide, which produced the

Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible

and gave us permission to re-print it for

you in the

Amish Voice

over the past

several years. This edition of the

Amish Voice

features the last of the

Galatians study.

If you have learned from it and

appreciated it, please write or call them

and let them know. If you would like

any of their other books containing

similar studies through other books of











will learn much from the Bible through

their resources.

Their contact information and some of

their other available materials are listed

in the ad on the previous page. Both

Old and New Testament

books are available.

You know how valuable the




Sermon Bible was; now try

some of their other books as

you continue studying God’s


Even though the Galatians

study is completed, we plan to continue

to feature more great Bible teaching

and study resources, so we hope that

you continue to read each issue and

look forward to when the next



arrives in the mail!

Thank You, Leadership Ministries Worldwide!