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Do you struggle with lust or other

sins and addictions?

To Kill a Lion

, written by Bruce

Lengeman, is designed to help men find

the roots of their sexual addiction. The

theme is, “Men cry out, I know it is

wrong, but why can’t I stop!” The book

is for both counselors and strugglers.


Kill a Lion

will help men understand

their own sexuality and what makes it operate “out of

alignment” with God’s design. You’ll learn why it is healthy

to be sexual as a man, but in a pure and Godly way. Though

this book was not written for women, many are reading it

and getting understanding of things they never knew about


To order, call us at (419) 962-1515, or mail a check to

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The price of the book is $15 (includes S&H).

A Fast Pleasing To God

—By Norma

Isaiah 58:11 caught my eye this

morning. It says:

And the Lord shall

guide thee continually, and satisfy thy

soul in drought, and make fat thy

bones: and thou shalt be like a watered

garden, and like a spring of water,

whose waters fail not.

We all desire to have God guide, bless,

and prosper us continually. But what

does it take for this to happen? Many

times we feel more like the people in

verses 1-5. God's children were fasting

and seeking Him, but they were not

happy with the outcome. They asked;

Why have we fasted and You have not

seen? Why have we afflicted our souls

and You take no notice

(verse 3)?

God told them they were taking

pleasure in their fasts and afflictions

and were fasting for wrong reasons: to

be noticed, for strife and debate. God

said He was not pleased with this kind

of fasting and did not find pleasure in

seeing His children afflict themselves.

This kind of fasting was not acceptable

to Him.

He then described what He wanted His

people to do: to loose the bands of

wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens,

to let the oppressed go free, and to

break every yoke, to feed the hungry,

to bring the outcasts in, to provide

clothing for those who do not have

clothing, and to care for their families

(see Isaiah 58:6-7).

God told them that if these things

happened, THEN they would see their

light and their health, and they would

be known for their righteousness.

THEN the glory of God would follow

them wherever they went. He told them

He would answer when they called if

they quit judging and blaming each

other. If they humbled themselves and

reached out to those who were less

fortunate, a bright light would scatter

the darkness for them. THEN God

would guide them, and satisfy them.

This brings us back to verse 11, to what

we want for our lives!

It gets better.

In verse 12, God told them they would

rebuild broken things and would be


The Repairer of the Breach, The

Restorer of Paths to Dwell In.


Wouldn't we love to be called those

things? God concludes by telling them

that if they turned away from seeking

their own pleasure and speaking their

own words, and turned to Him and

honored and delighted in Him, He

would cause them to

ride the high

places of the earth and eat of the

heritage of Jacob.

The gist is this: there is a time when

God will lift us up, but first we must

truly surrender to Him. If we humble

ourselves and lay down our desires, if

we surrender our dreams and goals to

Him, and if we honor Him, delight in

Him, and put others and their needs

first, God will not forget. He will raise

us in due time.

This is a process. Because we are so

blinded to our own pride and our own

will, God often shows us things in

stages. I am in this process myself.

Sometimes I am stunned at my own

pride, but He is never surprised. He just

takes us to the places we need to go to

learn the lessons we need to learn, just

like He did with His children long ago.

God is patient and will

not give up.