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man to solve the problem of sin. Consequently, the believer is

exhorted to brag on Jesus Christ! Christ and Christ alone is

worthy of our praise. We are to boast in the name of Christ

and in His name alone.

This passage concludes Paul’s letter to the Galatians. Paul’s

heart was pounding with concern over the Galatian believers

and their churches. They had allowed false teachers to enter

their ranks, and many of them had begun to listen and follow

the false teachers. The churches were on the precipice of

deserting God and destroying their witness for Christ and

world missions. Usually Paul dictated his letters to a scribe,

and when he was through dictating the letter, he closed the

letter with a brief blessing and his signature. But note what he

did as he closed this letter to the Galatians: he took the pen

himself and closed the letter, closed it with a strong

exhortation and with a defense of his ministry and of the

gospel. He declared in no uncertain terms: believers—minister

and layman alike—are to walk boasting in nothing but the

cross of Christ.


1. An important section—Paul himself writes (v.11).

2. False ministers make a good impression outwardly—in

the flesh—seeking popularity (vv.12-13).

3. True ministers boast in the cross of Christ (vv.14-17).

4. Closing: a benediction of grace (v.18).


WRITES (v.11).

This is an important passage of Galatians, so important that

Paul took the pen from his scribe and wrote it himself. The

reference to writing a large letter means large print. Why did

Paul write with large print? Several explanations are given.

1. Because Paul wanted to boldly emphasize the points of

what he was saying. It should be noted that this is possible, but

the scribe could have done this as well as Paul.

2. Because Paul could not write well, so he had to write in

bold print in order for it to be read. This too is unlikely, for

Paul was a well-educated man.

3. Because Paul had some kind of eye problem or blurred

vision. Of all explanations, this seems most likely.

There is no question that Paul chose to personally write this

section because he wanted to emphasize its message and to

verify that he was the true author of the letter. Why he wrote

in large print is unknown.

The lesson for us is this: the message of this passage is

important enough for Paul to have taken the pen from the

scribe and have written it himself. Therefore, we need to give

utmost attention to what is said.





POPULARITY (vv.12-13).

They want to be accepted and approved by the world.

Remember: false teachers had infiltrated the churches of

Galatia. They opposed both Paul and the gospel he preached.

Their major stress was that a person had to undergo the basic

ritual of religion, that of circumcision (baptism, church

membership, etc.). They made circumcision necessary for

salvation. If a person were circumcised, he was well on his

way to being saved. Paul attacked this position, making a

strong charge against false teachers. He charged them with

being driven by worldly motives. Keep in mind that he was

dealing with false teachers and ministers within the church.

What he had to say is a strong lesson for teachers of every


1. The false teachers sought to gain the approval of their peers

and to escape persecution. They sought the favor of men over

the favor of God. Many of the earliest ministers of the gospel

were priests who saw Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world.

However, they accepted Him only as an addition to the law.

They said that Jesus Christ came primarily to show how God

wants us to live; therefore, He only added to the law. The law

was still important in approaching God: we were to approach

God through both the law and Jesus Christ. Therefore, it was

unpopular in the ministry of that day to proclaim that Christ

alone was the way to God. The ministers who proclaimed

Christ alone were persecuted through ridicule, mockery,

abuse, and rejection. A minister who preached salvation


1. What is to be your response to this section? Why?

2. What kind of point was Paul making in this verse?