Levi Shetler

June 12, 2010

I left the Amish in 2008, at age 17. I left with my friend. We stayed in a barn for the first night and the next morning my cousin Sam from Canada came and picked us up; he helped us get clothes and get us on the bus to go to Iowa.

My former Amish brother was there to pick us up. I was happy to see him. I stayed at his house for two weeks, and then I got a job building hog barns. I worked for them until I got laid off for the winter, and then ended up going to Ohio to get another job.

I moved in with my cousin, then I started going to church with them. I realized that there's more to life than just living for myself. My pastor, Jerry Arman's gospel messages made it clear to me that I needed salvation. I got saved 1/30/2010 in the First Baptist Church in West Salem, Ohio.

I want to thank my pastor and Bennie & Mattie Shetler for their encouragement in my spiritual journey. My goal is to live God's word.

Hope this can be an encouragement for whoever reads this.

God Bless, Levi Shetler

This Testimony has been published with permission from the owner.

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I live in North Central PA where we have some Amish and near Lancaster PA - I saw you in Amish shunned and was truly impressed to see what you have done with your life since leaving the order. You are way ahead of most young people your age.
Chip at 12:00pm EST - February 15, 2014
Levi,Saw you in the documentary " Amish, Shunned" and was looking you up for one reason: to see if you had gotten saved since leaving the Amish. Found the answer.:) God is amazing. Blessings to you....Rebecca, Texas
Rebecca at 12:35am EST - February 10, 2014
Levi, I have always taken great interest in the Amish lifestyle, as far back as I can remember, I have been facinated. I did see "shunned," and I could feel all of the deep pain and conflict all of you have had about leaving home. I pray you will find peace and love in your new church and in someway find peace about leaving your homes. I respect your decision and the others that I watched. You all seem like you have good hearts and perhaps, in a selfish way, I am thankful you all left home to bring more light into this world, you call the english...may God bless you all...Jean Saben, Claremont, NH
Jean at 5:18pm EST - February 6, 2014
God bless you, Levi. May He give you courage and comfort
Carrie at 11:58pm EDT - May 19, 2013
Is your brother Sam Shetler from albia iq
bennie hostetler at 2:30am EDT - October 14, 2012
i remember it all
rudolf at 8:48pm EST - March 1, 2012
gave me pause for thought about things in my own life, thank you Levi
Russ at 11:11pm EST - February 28, 2012
your letter was very intereresting
Mary Burkholder at 2:59am EDT - July 8, 2010

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"Thank you for sharing your ministry with us this past Sunday! It was informative, instructional, and inspiring - overall, a great time. God used you to open many eyes to the true spiritual situation among the Amish. Many in our Church Family assumed that Amish people were saved because they will tell you they believe in Jesus. "

- White Cloud, MI Read More »