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New Beginnings Homestead Project

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 New Beginnings Homestead


Aaron Schwartzentruber: I left the Amish a few years ago, but then I fell on hard times.  I lost my job, my apartment and had no money.  I was homeless for several weeks.  In early 2016, Joe and Esther took me in to their home. With a hand from MAP, I am now working a full-time job and living in my own apartment.  

On September 4, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and have been faithfully attending Bible studies and church ever since. I have a desire to get baptized in the near future.  

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Breaking the Silence:  is a docu-drama that is coming out of development and is in the early stages of production.  Husband and wife team,  Joseph & Stacie Graber, are telling this story with the hopes that it will encourage the church of today as we learn from the church of the last 2000 years.

For more information and how you can get involved in this exciting new project, please go to:

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  • Amish buggies are more high-tech than you think LANCASTER, PA - Automotive-style brakes and tubular-steel torsion bar suspension.LANCASTER, PA - Automotive-style brakes and tubular-steel torsion bar suspension. A dash console with LED components and switches for headlights, taillights and turn signals, all powered by cordless tool batteries. That Amish buggy you see traveling down the road in Lancaster County isn't in quite the time warp you might imagine. The technology keeps evolving, reports Popular Mechanics magazine, which recently interviewed a Lancaster County buggy maker about his work and the industry's latest innovations. read more
  • Man successfully saves on Ontario hydro bill by becoming Amish NORWICH, ON, CANADA - High hydro bills are a thing of the past for one man who turned off every light in his house, rejected all forms of modernity, and joined a local Amish community. “I tried everything to conserve electricity, but nothing seemed to work,” explained Jakob Yoder of Norwich, formerly known as Stan Bisla from Ajax. “I turned everything off during peak hours, used cold water to wash my clothes, insulated my windows for winter, and unplugged all of my electronic gadgets, but my bill barely budged in price.” read more

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