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 Weekly Facebook Drawing!!

Every week, we post a book, CD, game, or piece of Amish memorabilia on our Facebook page that you can share with friends and enter to win. This week, the product up for grabs is the book, First Comes Love by Barbie Ann Lapp.

About First Comes Love:

One of Satan's most effective strategies is to twist and destroy relationships with deception and bitterness. The enemy holds many people in bondage through addictions, abuse, strongholds and emotional pain that is not resolved. God restores them through godly love and truth. There is hope for a life of healing and overcoming by understanding your freedom and authority in Christ, a life where relationships are restored and our perception changes. This is a life where godly love and truth prevail and a barrier is set up against Satan.

This book will help you understand why you are hurting, why your relationships are strained, and why you are surviving instead of thriving. It will also teach you how to minister to those that are hurting. Truth and Love are both important, but if the truth is not preceded by genuine love, the truth may not be seen...


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Housing Ministry Project 2016 

You Are Invited To:

1.  Give:  We have raised $157,614 of $253,215.  Help us raise the rest... Click here

2.  Volunteer:  Come help us build.  For details, please email us or call our office at (419) 962-1515.




Amish Awareness Conference 2016

Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, PA

October 14-15, 2016

Register Today: Click HERE


Coming in 2016!

Breaking the Silence:  is a docu-drama that is coming out of development and is in the early stages of production.  Husband and wife team,  Joseph & Stacie Graber, are telling this story with the hopes that it will encourage the church of today as we learn from the church of the last 2000 years.

For more information and how you can get involved in this exciting new project, please go to:

My Amish Story 



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Recent Amish In The News


  • Man arrested for rape after 12 Amish girls found in his home FEASTERVILLE, PA - Lee Kaplan was arrested at his home in Pennsylvania on Thursday morning after child welfare workers and police conducted a surprise visit based on an anonymous tip. They found girls between the ages of 6 months and 18 years living in the house in Bucks County. All are believed to be Amish. read more
  • Heroin use growing problem among Indiana's Amish RICHMOND, IN -- Amish communities from three Indiana counties met Monday night to talk about a common problem: heroin.Amish elder Ben Stoltzfus says the problem of opioid addiction hasn't spared his otherwise isolated community. read more

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