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New Beginnings Campaign

Thanks to all the ones who gave toward New Beginnings Homestead, our ministry’s new apartment unit designed to give young former Amish girls a place to live as they get on their feet. You helped us reach our goal of $350,000 for which we are very grateful.

Originally, we thought our goal amount was going to cover all of the building expenses, but now that we have neared the end of our project, we realize that we still need to raise about $35,000 more. This additional funding will help cover the cost for laminate flooring, carpeting, trim, doors, cabinetry and lighting in the basement of each apartment unit. In addition, it will help us to cover costs associated with landscaping, excavating and finishing up the outside of the house.

If the Lord should lead you to get involved in helping us reach the rest of our needed funding, whether it be through monthly giving or a one-time gift, we would thoroughly appreciate it. We also appreciate your prayers as we begin to fill our apartments and ministering to those that leave the Amish in the near future.



Find out more information about our New Beginnings Housing ministry by clicking below:




This summer, we saw God hard at work during our first ever CommUnity Crusade in Mesopotamia, Ohio.

We are now excited to announce that plans are in the making for our second CommUnity Crusade, which will be held this October in Middlefield, OH (also known as the Middlefied Amish Community).

During the 1950's, God brought revival to the Middlefield Amish community; but sadly, many hard-core Amish church leaders stepped in and put the fire out. Let me tell you though, that fire is coming back. Many are saying, "it is time!"

CommUnity Crusade
October 10 - 14
7pm Nightly
The Middlefield, OH area is home to more than 2,000 Amish families, and many are searching for a deeper relationship with their Creator! Many are asking questions! More and more are forsaking their man-made religion and taking up the cross. For those reasons, we feel it is our obligation and duty to organize this much needed CommUnity Crusade, so God is worshiped and His Word preached.

Everybody is welcome! Our audience will be made up of Amish, former Amish and non-Amish. The event is free!

8694 Route 534
Middlefield, OH 44062

1. Please Pray: 

* I urge you to pray regularly and fervently as we move toward the crusade dates: October 10-14.
* Will you also pray for Jonas Yoder? He will be preaching all five nights of the crusade.

2. Join Us:

* If you are able, please join us for some or all five nights.
* Help us spread the word. 

3. If you have questions, please call or text the following people who are organizing the event:

Chris Byler: (216) 469-0322
Marie Byler: (440) 321-9981

Beyond Measure Market

is now open!

Beyond Measure Market

 About Beyond Measure Market:

Beyond Measure Market is a 6,000 sq. ft. bulk food store, an extended ministry of Mission to Amish People, and will be used to provide jobs and an income for single girls who have already left the Amish culture and need help getting on their feet. 

Beyond Measure Market will also be used as a place for hands on training and to help pay for New Beginnings Homestead - also being built at this time. 

Location: 575 US Highway 250, Savannah OH 44874

Website: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here

Office: (419) 962-2008

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