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Housing Ministry Project 2016 





New Beginnings Project: Our goal is to start building a 3-apartment house as soon as the funds come in.  To learn more, please go to Housing Ministry for Former Amish.


1.  Give:  We have raised $161,914 of $253,215.  Help us raise the rest... Click HERE

2.  Volunteer:  Come help us build.  For details, please email us or call our office at (419) 962-1515.

3.  Pray:  You may not be able to give or volunteer, but will you pray? 



The Amish Awareness Conference is taking place at the Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, PA. The dates are Friday, October 14 and Saturday, 15. Make plans to do a mini vacation in Amish country and take in the conference.

Our website is being updated weekly. Check for registration, daily schedule and various other details. Friend, these two days will change your life! I promise. 

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Stay tuned for this powerful video series - coming soon!

Breaking the Silence:  is a docu-drama that is coming out of development and is in the early stages of production.  Husband and wife team,  Joseph & Stacie Graber, are telling this story with the hopes that it will encourage the church of today as we learn from the church of the last 2000 years.

For more information and how you can get involved in this exciting new project, please go to:

My Amish Story 



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Recent Amish In The News


  • With help of horses, Amish houses hit the road ARTHUR, IL - That old house sitting behind him on wheels hitched to eight Belgian Amish horses? Yep, Ervin Yoder was born in it 80 years ago. His seven brothers and sisters were raised there, too. They are to become the cornerstones of the newly established Illinois Amish Museum and Heritage Center. The Yoder home and the Schrock home, built in 1882, were nearly demolished in 1999. But thanks to the efforts of Ervin Yoder and Wilmer Otto, the president of the Illinois Amish Heritage Preservation Foundation, the homes were saved and stored near Yoder's Amish Kitchen in Arthur until Tuesday. read more
  • Man gets a year probation for crash that killed pregnant Amish woman GLADWIN, MI - As long as he stays out of trouble for the next year, a Coleman man, Kevin D. Toner, 58, who crashed into a buggy, killing a pregnant Amish woman while he had THC in his system, won't be jailed. Toner in August pleaded guilty to one count of involuntary manslaughter in exchange for prosecutors' dismissal of operating a motor vehicle under the influence causing death. read more

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