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 Weekly Facebook Drawing!!

Every week, we post a book, CD, or game on our Facebook page that you can share with friends and enter to win. This week, the product up for grabs is the book, Battle Scars by E.V. Stoltzfus.

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About Battle Scars:

Battle Scars: Secrets in Plain Sight is the story of E. V. Stoltzfus, a man who was born and raised Amish in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country—Lancaster County. Written by Stoltzfus himself, this book details his life and experiences growing up on the family farm. Life among the Amish for E.V., or “Sonny,” was not always as idealistic as it may seem to outsiders. E.V. faced many difficulties and struggles growing up. In his book, he tells of life on the farm, stories of abuse and molestation, sin and trouble, being drafted into the Army, finding forgiveness through Jesus, leaving the Amish, and more.

Follow along with E.V. as he tells his story, and get a glimpse into the real-life difficulties and benefits of what it meant for him to grow up Amish. Listen as he discusses the pain of shunning, the difficulties of leaving the Amish, and his continued love for his Amish people. E. V. Stoltzfus did indeed face many battles throughout his life and has many scars to prove it; but he also learned life’s most important lesson: battles can be won and enemies and sin can be defeated through the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

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Coming in 2015!

Breaking the Silence:  is a docu-drama that is coming out of development and is in the early stages of production.  Husband and wife team,  Joseph & Stacie Graber, are telling this story with the hopes that it will encourage the church of today as we learn from the church of the last 2000 years.

For more information and how you can get involved in this exciting new project, please go to:

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Recent Amish In The News


  • Fines Paid for Two Amish Aubury, Kentucky - Fines have been paid for a second time around recently for two Amish individuals who were in violation of an ordinance in the City of Auburn. The citations were given for not having collection devices on horses to catch manure. Fines are $50 per violation.Amos Mast and Wilbur Mast both received pre-payable citations for being caught in the City of Auburn without collection devices on their horses. This was the third time for Amos, who has been jailed already, along with his son Dan, for refusing to pay the fines and court costs for past violations. This is the first for Wilbur. Wilbur still has a pre-payable citation for not having proper slow moving vehicle tape on a piece of equipment. read more
  • Chesco Boy, 6, Dies in Farm Accident Honey Brook, Pennsylvania - A 6-year-old Amish boy died after he got pinned between two horse-drawn hay carts in Honey Brook on Wednesday, police said Thursday.The boy, whom police did not identify, was between the two carts and became pinned as they passed each other along North Birdell Road on Wednesday around 9 a.m, police said. read more

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