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Are we drifting along through this life kinda half way asleep,
And all the sins we are committing never cause us to weep?
We feel no need of forgiveness and the forgiving of other too,
But when we come before our Creator then what will we do?
If we have days that seem like we’re living our life in vain.
It may be because we are suffering from self- inflicted pain.
Our modern doctors have no cure for this type of disease,
But there is another place to go to put our minds at ease.
We may be holding onto grudges in spite of our intention,
And feel some resentment towards the one who dares mention,
It’s always our own sins that are the hardest for us to see,
And we must kindly forgive one another if we want victory.
We can put up a front by pretending we’re doing just fine,
And give everything we have down to our very last dime,
But if we don’t forgive others there will be a huge loss,
Our feeble minds are not able to comprehend the cost.
Everything in this world is worth less than our own soul,
And salvation of it needs to be our number one goal.
We can live ever so peacefully and not cause any strife,
But if we aren’t forgiving one another we’ll miss eternal life.
If Heaven is our goal then the best place for us to start,
Is to have a good honest look at the inside of our heart,
There may be some things there without us even knowing it,
Because they’re covered up so well we aren’t really showing it.
We need to get on our knees and say an earnest prayer,
Then open God’s Word and search for what is in there.
It will teach us the secret we must learn to truly live,
By knowing when to put “for” in front of the word “give.”
When Jesus taught us to pray in his sermon on the mount,
He wanted to make clear the one thing that really counts,
If we fail to forgive others for things they do or say,
Then God will have to deal with us in the same way.
As Jesus was suffering for us on the cross at Calvary,
He showed us one last time how to treat our enemy,
Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”
What a beautiful example He left for me and for you.
If people throw rocks at us we don’t have to get even,
We can turn to our Bible and see the stoning of Stephen,
He just looked up to Heaven and saw Jesus standing there,
Lord, lay not this sin to their charge,” was His final prayer.
Oh how terrible it would be on that great judgment day,
If our heavenly Father would then have to turn us away,
The one important thing in life we had failed to do,
Was the forgiving of one another like God wants us to.
We don’t know how long until it’ll be our time to die,
Or how soon Jesus will come with His angels in the sky,
So let us all forgive one another while we are still well,
It is the one thing we must do or we’ll end up in Hell.
Forgive One Another
Orva Hochstetler
Moral Addictions
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With counselor John Regier
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July 14th
It’s not pretty, and it’s some-
thing too many deal with all by themselves and try to
suppress their feelings.
Mr. Regier has successfully helped many be
delivered from their past. If you need help or know
someone who does, please join us for this special
Time: 8pm Eastern
Phone: (267) 507-0240, Pin# 409703
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