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Did you know there are as many different
kinds of relationships as there are people?
How can that be? Well, God is going to have
a relationship with you that is tailored to
meet your needs! His relationship with you,
or your relationship with Him is going to be
different from every other person's relation-
ship with Him! That is
how intensely personal
our God is.
Have you been through
times when it feels like
God is sooo far away He
might not even exist?
Yeah, me too. And have
you watched Him work in
other people's lives in
wonderful ways, while it
seems He is completely ignoring you? I went
through a time when it seemed God was do-
ing all these amazing things for my husband,
through him, and in his life. I was like, "God,
what about me? I am here too! I want to hear
You too"!
God seemed so silent, and everything I want-
ed to experience and prayed for, and tried to
achieve and receive, my husband was experi-
encing! I literally got upset with God, and
felt He was holding out on me. I felt it was
so unfair.
After awhile I began to notice subtle ways
God was speaking to me. I
began to sense He was work-
ing in my life quietly, subtly.
Now this might not sound so
amazing to you. It didn't to
me either. I still wanted the
big bang! Until....I began to
sense this feeling of God
pulling me away, privately,
beckoning secretly, saying,
"Come here! I want to talk to
you alone. I want to talk with
you and see you and work with
you...alone...with nobody else watching!"
I began to feel like I was very special to Him,
like a unique, special flower, He handled
with special care. He was doing a special
work in my life. He knew some of the pain in
my life was so deep and He pulled me aside,
where no one else could see. He had to make
me long for Him, make me so hungry for
Him, and all of it was done in a deeply per-
sonal way.
It was lonely at times—very lonely; that is,
until I started talking to God rather then other
Once I got my focus on God and Him alone,
then I started hearing His voice, softly telling
me that He knew me—He knew what I need-
ed more than I did. He understood me more
than I understood myself.
I began to see the different, little things He
was doing in my life that would not mean
anything to anyone else, but meant the world
to me. He showed me ways to be creative in
difficult situations. As He works to beautify
the ugly parts of me, He is giving me oppor-
tunities and the ability to transform things in
my environment.
YOU Are Very Special!
— by Lynn Miller
—continued on page 11—