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More and more, we are all hearing about the rising number of sexual
crimes. Counselors are crying out for help because of how many mar-
riages are breaking up. Many sexual-abuse victims are seeking help—
all because of the flood of immorality that is attacking our culture. It
is not just happening in the “world,” but it is out of control in almost
every church or religious setting.
I wrote my book,
To Kill A Lion—Destroying the Power of Lust From
the Root,
to show people that sexual addiction is not a surface issue.
Many people try to eliminate sexual addiction by focusing on the sex-
ual area. They try and try. They make new rules and laws for them-
selves, but are unable to conquer the “lion of lust” that is roaring in-
side their heart.
I never acted out sexual immorality, but one day when I was con-
fronted by a counselor, I realized that even though didn’t act immor-
ally—IN MY HEART I WANTED TO. I thought every man had to
fight this battle. It was like I had a roaring lion in a cage inside my
heart, and it was roaring to get out, but I was strong enough to keep
the cage locked. What the counselor showed me is that GOD
SIRE PURITY—NOT BE SLAVE TO IT! I was a sexual addict in
my heart, but God set me free!
You will not overcome sexual addiction until you overcome heart
issues of shame, rejection, anger, self-hatred, fear, condemnation,
father and mother wounds, and many other heart issues that drive
sexual addiction. Many men can’t imagine that there is a place that
they can be free from the torment of sexual immorality, but Jesus said
in John 8: 32,36, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you
free. If the Son shall set you free, you shall be free indeed.”
I pray that you will experience a new level of victory in Christ Jesus
if you battle with sexual lust.
You can order my book through New Book Publishing (or) by calling
407/296-0095 (or) at (or) through the Amish
Voice (see below).
How to Combat Sexual Addiction
— by Bruce Lengeman
Who Is Greatest?
To Kill a Lion
Destroying the Power of Lust From the Root
This is a new book by Bruce Lengeman designed to
help men find the roots of their sexual addiction. The
theme is “Men cry out, I know it is wrong, but why
can’t I stop!” The book is for both counselors and
To Kill a Lion
will help men understand
their own sexuality, and what makes it operate “out
of alignment” with God’s design. You’ll learn why it
is healthy to be sexual as a man, but in a pure and
Godly way. Though this book was not written for
women, many are reading it and getting understand-
ing of things they never knew about sexuality.
To order, either call the MAP ministry at (419) 962-1515 or mail a
check to “The Amish Voice, PO Box 128, Savannah OH 44874
The price of the book is $17 discounted to $15 (includes S&H)
Matthew 23: 11-12.
But he that is greatest
among you shall be your servant. And
whosoever shall exalt himself shall be
abased; and he that shall humble himself
shall be exalted.
The more lowly your service to others, the
greater you are. To be the greatest, be a serv-
ant. But those who think them-
selves great shall be disappoint-
ed and humbled; and those who
humble themselves shall be ex-
We should be willing to meet the
needs of others. We should forget
self and focus on what our ser-
vice may mean to a child or a
young adult who needs to know
the truth of God’s Word.
Jesus challenged the culture’s norms. To him,
greatness comes from serving/giving of your-
self to help God and others. Service keeps us
aware of others’ needs, and it stops us from
focusing only on ourselves. Jesus came as a
In prayer, as we remember and lift up the
names of those who are sick, we most certainly
want God to heal them, but we should ask God
for the strength and fervor to carry on when we
are not feeling strong. Let us ask God to wipe
our eyes clean of “narrow-mindedness” and to
give us insight how we might manage our time
and money to serve others. Meeting their
needs is serving Christ.
Every day we can show acts of mercy. These
acts do not depend on wealth, abil-
ity, or intelligence; they are simple
acts freely given and feely received.
Jesus demands our personal in-
volvement in caring for others’
Isaiah 58:6
Is not this the fast that I
have chosen? to loose the bands of
wickedness, to undo the heavy bur-
dens, and to let the oppressed go free,
and that ye break every yoke?
A servant
one who thinks of others.
A servant
is not
selfish, self-centered, or
wanting their own way over others.
A servant
about the
other person’s feelings.
A servant
does not
think that they have
all the answers.
A servant
of others.
-by Phyllis Weibel
Have we ever taken in consideration of
what Pride and Humbleness (hoffart
und demut) really means to God?
James 4:6
But he givith more grace.
Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the
proud, but givith grace to the humble.
In the Bible we can read many times that
pride is not Godly, and that there is no
room for prideful people in heaven; that
one must be humble to recieve the King-
dom. My point is that what I was taught
in my young age is that pride (hochmut)
is modernism.
My question is what did God really mean
since, at the time it was written, there
obviously was no modernism! Also, are
we open and willing to seek the truth of
the real meaning? I have to believe that
this is a much more serious issue then
what many of us realize. In other words,
are we humble enough to seek and trust in
what it means to be humble? Or are we
too prideful? I am not giving my view on
this but will remain open for insight.
Levi Schwartz
(419) 560-5359
What is Pride? Humbleness?