Amish Awareness Conference


Amish Awareness Conference

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A great big thank you to all who attended the Amish Awareness Conference in 2014.  Check back as we prepare for a possible conference in 2015.  If you are not on the mailing list, and would like to receive updates, please go to


Experience Two Life Changing Days!

This two day conference is taking place in Savannah OH and will mostly focus on equipping you for evangelism and discipleship among Amish neighbors and friends in America and Canada.

Mission to Amish People
575 US 250
Savannah, OH 44874
Office: (419) 962-1515



Main Web Site

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By Registering You Will Receive:

1.  Powerful Teaching Sessions

*  Anabaptist History
*  Amish of Today
*  Basic Beliefs and Traditions
*  Legalism and it’s devastating effects
*  Three Ways to Evangelize

2.  Presentation and tour of Mission to Amish People
3.  Anointed Worship
4.  Inspiring Testimonies from former Amish
5.  Personal Ministry
6.  Amish Style Cooked Meals

Throughout this two day event, you will hear from a variety of speakers and anointed musicians, along with ministers and leaders from throughout the Body of Christ.


Speakers Will Include:

*   Joe Keim, Founder and Director of Mission to Amish People
*   Jonas Yoder, missionary of Mission to Amish People and H.R. Ministry
*   Jeremiah Zeiset, Founder and Director of Life Sentence Publishing
*   Wayne Ayer, Pastor of Vicksburg Grace Brethren
*   John Bouquet, Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church

...Along with other former Amish speakers and special guests


Special Music and Worship

Take a little bluegrass, high mountain country, throw in a little yodel, a little bit of storytelling, amazing three & four part harmony, mix it in with fiddle, guitar, mandolin, & dobro instrumentals and you've got the Conley • Schmidt show.

*   Stephen and Rosetta Schmidt, Conley and Schmidt


Seminar Registration Cost

Registering before March 1, 2014..................................Individuals: $40 (four or more: $30 each)

Registering after March 1, 2014.....................................Individuals: $50 (four or more: $40 each)

Registering at the door..................................................Individuals: $60



Please Note: Request for refunds due to cancellation or non-attendance for any reason must be made to Amish Awareness by 4/9/14. No refunds for event registration are available after 4/9/14.


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"Joe and Esther, it surely was good to have you with us two weeks ago! We love the two of you very much, you are precious to us. Your presentation was EXCELLENT! It makes us proud, like parents! The spirit of both of you is so sweet-it is easy to tell that you love the Lord with all your hearts. How wonderful, and praise the Lord!"

- Shinglehouse, PA Read More »