Amish Voice Publication

The Amish Voice is a 12-publication that is mostly written by former Amish people and goes into thousands of Amish and former Amish homes.

Amish Voice Conference Line

On the first Sunday evening of every month, Paul Miller hosts a one hour conference line that draws both Amish, former Amish and non-Amish participants. Topics and special speakers vary from salvation to sexual abuse.

Schedule a MAP Presentation

Interested in having someone from Mission to Amish People come and speak? Request an Information Packet (Packet will only be mailed to a church address)

Mentoring and Discipleship

Mentoring/discipleship and support groups are being established for those who have left the Amish culture and find themselves struggling with various issues, and for those in the midst of transitioning from one culture to another.

The Mountain Movers

Here at Mission to Amish People, we are convinced that prayer is the ONLY way to build the kingdom of God. For that reason, we have established a ministry called "The Mountain Movers". Our desire is to see these groups duplicated all over the United State

Amish Awareness Conference

Amish Awareness Conference 2014: This two day conference will focus on equipping you for evangelism and discipleship among your Amish neighbors and friends in America and Canada.

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"Before you came to speak, I mistakenly assumed that the Amish had a good sense of the Bible and how important it is to be saved. Because of my assumption, I didnít worry about them and did not include them in my prayers. I didnít think I needed to. Now, I know differently. Thank you for opening my eyes to their plight. I will be praying for you and your family and your mission. "

- Ravenna, OH Read More »