Conference Call with John Regier


Join us for a special conference call with John Regier

About John Regier

1.  Counselor at Caring for the Heart

2.  Office: (719) 572-5550

3.  Web Site:

John Regier, author and conference speaker, pastored for 24 years prior to opening a counseling office in Colorado Springs. He received his BA from Grace College of the Bible and a Master of Divinity from Grace Theological Seminary. His counseling approach applies Biblical solutions to problems individuals and couples encounter so they can experience the freedom God originally planned for them.

John and his wife, Barb, who accompanies him to conferences, reside in Colorado Springs and have four grown children.

Conference Call Details

Moral Additions

Sunday, July 14, 2013

8pm Eastern

(267) 507-0240, Pin# 409703

Topics will include:

  1. What are moral additions, how do you define it?
  2. What are the causes for why people have addictions?

Open for questions:

  1. In the last conference call, we talked about the number of sexual abuse cases in America. Obviously, there is a sexual abuser involved in every sexual abuse case. Could you remind us of the number of sexual abuse cases in the US?
  2. When we think of moral addictions, we often think of pornography. I wasn’t even a teenager when I saw my first pornography magazine, a friend’s older brother’s. I was disgusted by what I saw rather than becoming morally addicted. However, it made a negative impact on my life. My question, though, is this: Is it exposure to pornography that forms a moral addiction, or is there another root cause?
  3. What are the consequences of moral failure?
  4. What are the characteristics of a person who is in moral failure?
  5. How can I help someone I know who is morally addicted?
  6. How does one gain freedom from moral addiction?
  7. How do you help a person who is morally addicted?
  8. How does premarital sex affect a couple’s relationship?
  9. How does pornography affect a wife and children?
  10. What are the causes of homosexuality?
  11. How can we help couples resolve moral issues before marriage?

Closing statements

Closing prayer

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